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  1. Lloyd- Thanks for the reply. I already do as you describe, but after I've saved my PDN and then need to convert it to PNG, doing Save As closes the PDN and leaves me with the PNG. Then I have to reopen the PDN file to modify it for the next PNG. There's another thread going "Export function as extension of the "save as ..." that has a way to work around this. Thanks for your help just the same.
  2. BoltBait- Ctrl+Z isn't quite the same. It doesn't open the original PDN, but the getting the layers back is closer than I was before. Thanks!
  3. When I'm working on a PDN file and choose File | Save As, change the file type to PNG (or whatever) and save it, the PNG file is then opened in Paint.NET and the PDN I was working on is closed. Is there any way to keep leave the PDN file open when doing a Save As? I have a group of images all based on the same PDN file. All of these images (PNGs) have several layers in common on the PDN. But each of the PNGs have a layer (or more) that are distinct. So after making changes in the PDN for one of the PNGs and saving it, the PDN file is closed and I have to reopen it to work on it for the next PNG. It gets to be tedious. It would be nice when doing Save As to get prompted whether or not to keep the current image open, perhaps with a checkbox to "Always do this". The prompt might be annoying to others, though, so maybe have some other way to configure this behavior in the settings. Thanks for your consideration.