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  1. I removed PDN and did a clean install and now it's back to normal, Yay! Sorry for the bother. ……Now time to grab all the plug-ins, lol. Thanks guys, nutkitten
  2. I just installed the update 4.2.7. When Paintdotnet restarted this is the toolbar I got. Png Image attached. I can't even read most of it, lol. What the heck happened? Thanks, nutkitten
  3. Thank you! Think, since I already resized, I will just redo the whole dang thing, lol.... again tyvm!
  4. Hi, I want to use one of the graphics I created on a T-Shirt. The printing company requires a certain DPI. How do I Know or adjust the DPI in By the way, I have Paint Shop Pro...... is much better, I love it! Thank you! Tracy aka Nutkitten I am using version 4.0.9 Windows 10