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    Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly.

    Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    Frozen with snow.

    Langston Hughes
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  1. @Pixey! I did everything just like you said. Unfortunately it still doesn't work out.
  2. @Pixey! I was looking for whole paint folders. PSFilterShim.exe I have not.
  3. @null54! I uploaded for 8bf filter/ filter. Unfortunately I can't edit it because it doesn't accept the filters. What do I have to do?
  4. @welshblue! First picture looks like the 70s look, beautiful. Second is also very nice. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  5. Dear @Pixey! Colours are a dream. All paint members are right, beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  6. @toroidal232! One beautiful than the other. 👍 Great class, soul flatterer, and wonderful colors. I haven't tried 8000x8000 yet, good to know. Thank you for sharing this with us!
  7. I did that a long time ago.
  8. @welshblue! I can only say thank you a thousand times. In addition, your youtube videos are absolute highlight.
  9. @welshblue! Thank you for the most fantastic video. The rings are good and beautiful. But connecting them is very difficult.
  10. @Rick Brewster! Thank you so much for the new version.
  11. @Maximilian! Thank you so much for the rep.
  12. @welshblue! I'm waiting for you to rewrite it. Your new work looks excellent. Thank you for sharing this with us! Dear @LionsDragon! @dipstick! and Dear @lynxster4! Thanks for the rep.