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  1. That's exactly the type of plugin that I needed! Thanks for your help and amazing work!
  2. I originally wanted to create a FileType plugin, that exports multiple png files.. That's why I need a code example or sth like that
  3. Is there a way to export multiple files in a FileType plugin?
  4. So i searched for a FileType VS Template but it was outdated. Do you guys have some up-to-date one? Ty for your help
  5. How do I make my effect updating and rendering every let's say 1 seconds? How can I make a "tab" in a plugin like in the glass blocks plugin?
  6. I never said that it's useful. I was just bored. 😉
  7. @Seeroseits a very basic game: you are controlling green circle and you need collect the red circle to get bigger (and change colors). After some time the game ends.
  8. Yes. You read it right.. A game.. In a plugin.. In a photo editing software.. You may ask why? Cause I was bored.. Yeah. <removed>
  9. I remade the UI so this shouldn't be an issue anymore
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