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  1. @Rick Brewster Do you still have that image somewhere left? I'd be interested to see the original photo.
  2. What's the origin of the picture in the Paint.NET Logo?
  3. That's exactly the type of plugin that I needed! Thanks for your help and amazing work!
  4. I originally wanted to create a FileType plugin, that exports multiple png files.. That's why I need a code example or sth like that
  5. Is there a way to export multiple files in a FileType plugin?
  6. So i searched for a FileType VS Template but it was outdated. Do you guys have some up-to-date one? Ty for your help
  7. How do I make my effect updating and rendering every let's say 1 seconds? How can I make a "tab" in a plugin like in the glass blocks plugin?
  8. I never said that it's useful. I was just bored. 😉
  9. @Seeroseits a very basic game: you are controlling green circle and you need collect the red circle to get bigger (and change colors). After some time the game ends.
  10. Yes. You read it right.. A game.. In a plugin.. In a photo editing software.. You may ask why? Cause I was bored.. Yeah. <removed>
  11. I remade the UI so this shouldn't be an issue anymore
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