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  1. I tried installing this new version and this error message keeps popping out..
  2. True Doctor Who Fan. I love it!
  3. @ReptillianThank you it worked! do you know if there is any hair plugin for it should work like the hair function in blender but in 2d and also have a min and max slider. I recreated this with my CircleGen Plugin and the "Grouped Pixel Shift By Rectengular Polar Transformation" (what a long name), but it only works for some shapes (e.g. circles, squares), because other change their shape.
  4. @Reptilliani tried to install ur plugin in G'MIC in, but it didnt work. I am new to G'MIC. What did I do wrong?
  5. So basically the plugin should work just like the gravity plugin by MadJik but the gravity should be concentrated at one point (see pictures, i tried to recreate it manually). Please code the plugin with Codelab and send me the script, I want to use it for my other plugin. imma credit you. The plugin should also work for non circular shapes.
  6. its in the description though.
  7. @Eli'minValue' cannot be greater than maxValue
  8. So i tried doing the same for my plugin SoundWave and its bugged now. its generating a new random wave height for each rect.
  9. i just edited the code. it should be fine now.
  10. I didnt use the rect cause it causes rectangle aborts in the random noice thingy. I use the code from BoltBait's website. I am new to C# and coding plugins. So what exactly should i change to what?
  11. Plugin used: CircleGen, EdgeExpander