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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

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Didn't use sepia or film for this one :wink: Decided to use some alternative methods:

-Noise with motion sharpen on darken

-Holes made with a radial gradient + median + dents

I really like how I got the creases on the upper right corner :)

Original image (non-aged) in my gallery :)

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I heard that PSDTuts is having a competition, so I thought, why not enter? Even though, of course, I don't use Photoshop.

I was going to enter my Energy piece, but I needed to spice it up a bit, make it look more Photoshop-like. So what better way to make something look Photoshoppy than to brush it up? After working on it for an hour or two (including finding the brushes, downloading them, and exporting them using ABRViewer), I finally finished (unless you guys have some suggestions for me). So without further ado:

(click for full size)


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:shock: :shock: :shock:


Amazing brushes there -Expriration-, and the glow around them is really nice!

I can't see anything wrong with it, and i suggest you enter your piece.

Good Luck and i hope you win (then it'll prove that PDN is just as good as PS)

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Really great job on the new version Expiration :)

I was sitting here, wondering to myself... why a bliss parody gallery? Why not a tulips parody gallery? Flowers are funner to mess with than grass; So I plucked 'em into water :lol: (beginning to end -- about 10 mins)

Enjoy my almost serious Tulips Parody:


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BTW - can you guys see my sig, or am I the only the one that sees an error? (As in - the red ex top left corner)

i can see it perfectly

A picture I edited of my brother. Think I might have gone a bit overkill, but so be it




made just for fun. The image editing part is that I only used one photo, so i had to clone stamp and then cut out the person in it.



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Aha! Both very cool pics!

The top one has amazing fire! I really like it --

You did a great job on the snow one too -- I can't even find any seams or anything -- very nice job on both

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:shock: What difference? I can't see any difference! Doesn't everyone have a mouth on the back of their hand? *panicked expression*

It made me lol.

Did you take two pictures, one without the hand and one with, or just used stock of a mouth?

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