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TR's Paste Warp

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TechnoRobbo's Paste Warp 


Warps the images into the contour of random selection.


It's based on a requests from Skullbonz, Ratty Redemption and refined with great suggestions from Red Ochre.


Effect -> Selection




If your image has Alpha use my "TR's Copy with Alpha" plugin and PasteWarp into image.




Plasma Wall


Using TR's Plasmatics and TR's EFX - pastwarped into new layer


Music by TechnoRobbo and Dirty Dan




VS Source Code for Programmers



Plugin (3.5 Compatible)


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=O  whoa!



I've been cleaning up my effects folder lately to try and only hang on to the plugins that I really need to use rather than those that I think I "might use" eventually.


But in this case the applications seem so limitless that even if I don't toy around with this fantastic plugin of yours right away I know I'll be using it plenty down the road.


Very very clever to have this linked to the current selection shape. Love how it automatically crops or enlarges the clipboard image as well. I'm pretty sure that in certain cases to accomplish what Paste Warp does I would needed to run 2,3 or 4 plugins in the past with nub control and what not. I especially enjoy simple straightforward UI's like this one that can yield a volley of results.


Easily in my new fav plugins for a while to come I'm sure. When I get a chance to whip up something real purty with it I'll post it here. Thank you so so much Techno!


Cheers B)

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*GLOMPS*-I know this is way late but i still want to give applause and kudos where deserved...Since i am getting quite used to Paint.NET, i have been playing around and studying 'other' plugins like yours and found several ones that i have been looking for. Now it makes it easier to design cloths and such...BIG TIME PLUS since i'm into reenacting ^.^ thank you for your awesomeness and time well spent. Namaste'...and ya ya i realize this is a guys t shirt, i got excited on first run lol.17798904_285381998553595_823074027566794

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