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  1. Awesome!Thank you.I will do this in a day or two,
  2. I can see a couple mistakes in Earthhelium but I posted it anyway.
  3. Southern Cross reminds me of a couple I did few months back.Love the style and the blue really pops in this one. And the Ninja is simple but effective.All good stuff.
  4. Typical Drydareelin(i'd like a pronunciation on that name).What quality on Sentinel!A true beauty.And the color scheme is a great choice.
  5. Wow!Such good work here.So many colors used.It all really catches the eye.Quality stuff.
  6. Nice works!I sure would like to know how you did the ice castle works.
  7. "You get a chance to vote for this every year in the annual forum poll. Is that not enough?"I did not know that dude geez.Close the thread then.
  8. I hope this is the right place to post this.I feel it's getting a lil boring around here so I thought I would start this thread.I was wondering what your opinions were on who you think is the best or your favorite pdn user?I vote sor someone who is no longer around.WelshBlue.It says under his name that he was banned.No clue what that is about but I think he has shown the most skill with this program.
  9. ha,we have very similar taste.pterodactyl image is the best easily for me.Great works man!
  10. Inferno gives a good sense of "space".Very well done.I just wish for once you would go BIG with these space images and get away from the 800x600 format.
  11. Red-I looked up the artist Roger Dean.Good read.2 Seerose and Julio,thank you very much
  12. Haa!Most stupendous with that Jolie portrait.
  13. I noticed this morning you have a tutorial for a cd.Looks like it could work also.
  14. So if you put 'AnimateIt.Effect.dll' and 'AnimateIt.Effect.dlc' in the Effects folder and restart Paint.NET then you will not see the entry 'Effects->Tools->Animate It' in the menu? Thanks for the reply.But are you asking me or telling me?Because I did exactly that and I dont have it under tools. @ Ego ok ya,that clears it up a little.
  15. Ay for those knobs,I would use the method some here have used for making a record.Vynl record that is.Maybe you have already done a record.Havent you?I cant remember.Make the record then lighten it perhaps?Just a thought.
  16. The amp is fantastic.Great detail.Wonder what inspired you to do this kind of image?
  17. "ts not a big surprise" Is that sarcasm?Oh well,I will have to do it the hard way.I did everything correct several times.Corect files into the correct folders but nothing will show.
  18. I did.It just says to put the file in file type folder(which I did)instead of effects folder.
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