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  1. That's because the tooth glare distracted you lol. But seriously, as you mentionned it's all in the eye of the beholder.
  2. @scooter Very neat. The blending of the skull & crossbones is quite effective. I'm perhaps a bit less keen about the glitter on the teeth. If it were a bit smaller I think it would be less distracting as the eyes are really the focus of this pic if you ask me. In fact, I'm curious to see what a bit of glare on the eyes would produce as effect. That and maybe trying the Lomography plugin could induce something pretty cool. All my pickyness aside nice image mod my friend Cheers
  3. Beautiful results and very clearly explained tutorial. It's clear that you invested a lot of time into making this and I commend you on it. The day I decide I want to do some awesome coloring I'll definitely know where to turn (or to point others to). Excellent work my dear
  4. @wow64 Haha, awesome Let's see, ones I can recognize are: Random Shape Fill, Bars, Polygons (or Polygons/Stars), MandelBrot Fractal, Grid/Checkerboard Maker, and a very clever use of Random Maze Fill in the sphere. No doubt I'm missing a few but at a glance those are the ones that popped for me. The sheer amount of plugins aside, there is a nice artistic direction in your wallpaper, something perhaps reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Good job
  5. Hiya Pixey I must say Bunny Girl & Chicks looks amazing I've been trying to get around to offering feedback on it so I guess Easter Day isn't such a bad time given the actual piece hehe. But enough with the smalltalk though, what you've done with this is very clean, very colorful and perfectly balanced. It's pretty much a Hallmark worthy creation if you ask me; mind you the canvas proportion might be slightly larger than a standard card but I digress. And while I've already witnessed your flair for A to Z creations, this offering shows some great composition skills. How eve
  6. Your perfume bottle is in one word: stunning I for one am eons away from having the patience and know how to produce such a result so trust me there's no reason to be hard on yourself. I only wish the image were slightly bigger (not talking about the thumbnail of course) to truly appreciate the degree of detail in the glass. Lovely colors and masterful refraction as Welsh previously stated. The faux diamond cap (I hope it's not a real diamond otherwise nobody would be able to afford that bottle haha) is also cleverly detailed. My only real critique is perhaps the bow. Don't get me wron
  7. Indeed you did and personally I'm glad you felt the same way about the outline as I find the revised version flawless. And you're quite welcome my dear. Commenting your art is a pleasure
  8. Beckoning Light (or the orange glossy ball as others have referred to it) looks real nice Helen. Crisp with just the right amount of fade/blur. I especially like the particles or sparkles scattered in the sphere. Because there's no discernible light source I'm willing to accept the random reflections as part of the "luster" of the image. I do feel however that they gray outline is perhaps unnecessary and detracts a tad from the otherwise realistic feel of the pic. But in any case, that's a matter of interpretation and the vision behind the product. In short, well done indeed m
  9. Lovely gallery in general sir. I especially enjoy your PDN hybrid images. All very crisp and clean looking. Great sense of depth creation. Almost feels like I'm wearing 3D glasses. Nice color usage as well and the variety of shapes and design from one image to the next is equally pleasant. Keep up the good work my friend
  10. @Scooter regarding THIS PIC I gotta say actually "drawing" within Paint.NET is probably the hardest thing to master (at least in my case) and I must tip my hat to you sir for the effort. Even though they may not acheive an accute degree of photo realism every element is easily identified so coodos on that my friend. A special mention for the flame of the match which slightly surpasses the rest by the way. If I were you and had some time on my hands, I'd try to figure out a way to create some dynamic lighting or added texture on the matchstick to give it that added degree of
  11. Agreed with skull on both those points. The light source is always something important to consider when wanting to add realism or highlighting the right things in a pic. As far as all the elements painted onto the brick wall I'd say you did pretty well. When considering basic techniques for this layer blend modes and transparency will be two of your best friends. Being and intermediate user myself I will point out two things in this regards though: 1) The image of saturn in the top right seems to have its original backdrop still apparent meaning we can still see a coloured rectangle
  12. @Skullbonz Very cool. Looking at the flower it's almost hard to tell that it evolved from the pic on the left. Tell me though, did you strictly use plugins to generate that image or did you have to draw anything? Either way, I'm impressed. Had I set out to transform a skyline with virtually no clouds into a gorgeous flower I probably would of given up halfway through in despiration to find the right plugin combinations. Out of curiosity, did you remember roughly how many you used? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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