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  1. New techniques...new siggy...yay me! Thanx everyone for their inspiration and awesome learning, hands on teachers who 'been-there-and-done-that' and totally understand where your coming from...thanx guys ^.^ Namaste.

  2. *GLOMPS*-I know this is way late but i still want to give applause and kudos where deserved...Since i am getting quite used to Paint.NET, i have been playing around and studying 'other' plugins like yours and found several ones that i have been looking for. Now it makes it easier to design cloths and such...BIG TIME PLUS since i'm into reenacting ^.^ thank you for your awesomeness and time well spent. Namaste'...and ya ya i realize this is a guys t shirt, i got excited on first run lol.
  3. OMG more awesomeness....:DDD i had a lot of fun playing with these TR! 'Hear that sound?' thaz my head it just went 'poof' from all the ideas i just had, lol seriously i love these and give honors where they lie...Namaste ^.^
  4. @Ego Eram Reputo Well gosh hee hee tyvm =^.^= Seems i had some awesome teachers
  5. . Ty for an awesome tutorial...i thought it would be hard to follow but it only took me a couple tries to work out the 'kinks'...so love all these tuts makes it easier for me to know my way around PDN when your creating something awesome. And after a few mistakes you kinda rembr and makes it easier for next time. Also the more i learn the more i combine and experiment with what i learn. Don't ever stop having fun and experimenting people...never know what you might come up with
  6. Well....Home made chicken soup, watching snow fall, a large picture window, Paint.NET, a drawing sketch pad. One last homage to winter before Spring. All is well ^.^


    “Big flashy things have my name written all over them. Well... not yet, give me time and a crayon.”
    Matt Smith


  7. @Seerose Well tyvm ^.^ i get a lot of compliments from that particular Wallpaper. My roomies dad wanted it as a desktop, lol.
  8. I ish Zombie hear me "GRAWR"....


    “Big flashy things have my name written all over them. Well... not yet, give me time and a crayon.”
    Matt Smith


  9. Oh and to also show how awesome P.D.N. is and their tuts and creative people who make these so we can make it easier to make some really cool stuff- i also like showing off these (more demon-ish then bat me thinx, lol) which i created as well using this tutorial. Kudos to this awesome site and even more awesome people that not only run but precede me in my endeavors that went diligently into the unknown to boldly go where no plug in has taken them before (in other words us forum folks). Plus sometimes its more fun and easier at times to 'make' said item then to hunt for something to do it for
  10. I kno this is a bit late but i just have to say, AWESOME! hey it takes good ideas to spark great ideas. I do my own thing too off of tutorials BUT if it wasn't for the original 'tuts' we wouldn't have had these nifty ideas to begin with. So hats off to these creative people who have made it this far. I just took an awesome art piece (not mine i do not take credit). And i did this first time out so thanx for allowing me to do this...
  11. Thanx for this 'tut' about wings. I have been looking for something like this for a while and after about 3-4 attempts I actually came up with some pretty decent angel wings. And I actually like having the instructions on the 'pic' it actually shows me what to use and i find it easier at times then glancing down at the instructions then glancing back up. Maybe its just me tho. Thanx again for sharing, stay awesome, love P.D.N. p.s. (been a couple weeks or so) I still use this tut and have gotten a bit better and made these Celestial Nymph Wings inspired by my roomie who gave me the idea o
  12. omg, thank you for the easy, interesting tutorial. I played around and made this for the Holidays. Thanx again. Stay awesome. I love this Forum it made it where i can get into my art again.
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