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TechnoRobbo's Plugin Pak (June 3rd,2015)

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Thank you greate plugin pack!


I have asked only 2


1. Not "Zip in Zip"  please "dll in Zip"


2.Result of "Distort This!" is different that "Rotate / Zoom" and "Perspective"( My plugin )

 Please try with the wire mesh(like example of "Fish Eye Plugin")

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Thanks and I'll check out your plugin.


DistortThis! is actually a texture map routine where you control the location of the polygon's corners. The controls where designed for a perspective overlay so you can match the corners  on a background image. I like really free-form controls and to have realtime renderings as much as possible.


Perspective being Perspective, I assume we all get to the same place but we take different routes.


My source code is published here



Here's some quick links to the instruction videos.


general nutty-ness with distortion


perspective alignment:



Oh and why I zipped in a zip; I thought people may not want to install all  my plugins. This allows them to pick and choose and hopefully not overwrite something with the same DLL name. By the way - thats why I don't use Icons and started prefacing them with "TRs". Don't wanna mess up someones Library or confuse them.




(Hmmm, General Nuttyness is a good name for a candy bar.....)

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We can pick and choose from a list of dll files too ;)



Common Sense is not so Common - Voltaire :imhappehtoo:


Right or Wrong that was my reasoning - someone would "extract all" then blame me for erasing their plugins. If everyone wants "DLL in Zip", I'll change it when I get home.



@TechnoRobbo - General Nuttyness would be a good name for a plug-in too


Gives everyone in the Pic a Top Hat, Cane and Monocle?



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I get it now, your saying the alogrithm's inverted. That's simple enough to fix. I'll make an adjustment tonite, Thanks!!!!!


            //Calc UV
            double uu = x1/(x2+x1) * selection.Width + selection.Left;
            double vv = y1/(y2+y1) * selection.Height + selection.Top;

I should be dividing the other "x" and "y"




Nice catch, Thanks Again!!!!


Post Edit: Better yet , I'll make inverting perspective an option on the UI.

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quick up date :


I'm writing a dual system because warping and perspective are 2 different effects, DistortThis! was by design a warping system. It's like printing an image on a sheet of rubber and pulling and stretching it, very instinctive.


Perspective is actually counter-intuitive, it's the mathematical inverse. you stretch it and the image runs away from you. 


For this reason I'm writing 2 separate systems in one with radio buttons so the artist can decide on the effect he needs. 


Ok, maybe the update wasn't so quick.

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didn't the radio buttons but I finished the Perspective mod to the plugin. 2D stretched into 3D


More info and demo at original post




I didn't match the front edges too well but I was rushing for the screen capture demo



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