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Some cool things happen when I mess around, and I figure I might as well share some of them with the rest of the class. I'll throw some more stuff in from time to time (so it'll start of small--for now), and you'll notice that they generally all follow the same theme: Sci-Fi and Space. You can click 'em all to enlarge, too. Wellp, so, here they are, in no particular order:

EDIT: Links fixed.



(Original Image here)

Whipped this up in a little while too much more time than it should have taken, the engines were particularily troublesome, but I finally wound up with something satisfying. Made using the same general technique here, but with a whole lot of modifications.


Again, using the same basic technique above, but I just threw in some random Sci-Fi-looking holgraphic HUD-type things, and added a sort of vortex effect. Quite satisfied with it.


(Original Image Here)

Had quite a bit of fun with this edit, very satisfied with how it came out. The 'flashlight/eye' glow in particular.


This one's kind of unfinished, but I still rather like it. Made with the same basic technique as some galaxy tutorial somewhere here on the forums, too lazy to go find the link. :P


A dual-monitor wallpaper with, obviously, lightsabers. The galaxy on the right was taken from somewhere in the Hubble gallery.

Addition 1



Old sig, and new sig--Though this version doesn't have my fancy-shmancy links in it.

Addition 2

An icey planet exploding with volcanic activity. I really love the center of the thing, it's just the weird edges in some areas that don't look firey, and just look kind of... Desaturated, or something. Maybe I'll get around to fixing it someday.

An... Eye. I can't remember where I found the original photo, but I'm pretty sure I just searched Google images for 'Blue eye'. I made it look cybernetic, quite satisfied with how it turned out.

Addition 3


EMPIREMonthlyS.jpg WhiteSpace StarfieldLoweredS.png

Did this as an assignment in my Photoshop class, had to make a believable magazine cover. It could be whatever you wanted it to be--So, of course, I made it Star Wars. And even though it was Photoshop class, 95% of this is all Paint.NET, rofl. The only part that was really made in Photoshop was the 'EMPIRE' text. But what she doesn't know won't hurt her (Or my A+) :P


I had always thought lineart would be extremely hard to color in PDN (especially with a mouse) but I finally gave it a shot--and it was rather easy, actually. And a ton of fun. I have more around here somewhere, it's just on one of my (several) lost flash drives... Also, [nerd] the lightsaber is indeed longer than it should normally be, but it's supposed to be a 'dual-phase' lightsaber, making it nearly twice the length of an ordinary one. [/nerd] Original lineart here.

Addition 4






After too long of not really making anything (due to my computer's insides melting and becoming progressively slower) I've fired up PDN on a brand new rig. Not much to show yet, but here's what I've been told is one of my best pieces yet. All 100% PDN as usual, aside from the original ship itself. If you recognize the silhouette, you're awesome. If you don't, this might refresh your memory. It's amazing (to me, anyways) how such a low-poly/low-res model can look great when it's that small and not the focal point of the picture.




Addition 5






A friend asked me if I did snow/ice worlds. I said they were easy to do and pretty boring, but I got to work on one anyways. As it turned out... It was, indeed, very boring. So I was going to add lava to it, make it a newer, better version of my lava-explody-ice world, but it somehow wound up getting inverted into cyan. From then on, it was crystal. Made glowy, crystal rings of the same design. Don't think it's quite as 'advanced' a design as my previous one, but it has a certain allure to it.






So the next couple are based on a little hobby I've picked up. With a combination of this and this, I create some character lineart. Then I get it into Paint.NET. The first one's random character generation was this:

This wild woman has slitted eyes the color of milk chocolate. Her silky, wavy, soot-black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a trailing ribbon. She has an hourglass build. Her skin is black. She has prominent ears. Her wardrobe is plain.


Into the Hero Creator I went, and created this:



Now, that's all well and good and all, but it lacks detail... Lighting/shading, texture, that sort of thing. So then, you take it into Paint.NET...



Mmmm, much better now, yes? Lighting/shading, textures, a more overall realistic feel.


The next one's description I have since lost, but it was basically this: 'An elegant, dark-skinned man with beige hair and a fine long beard. His style is odd and based on a color scheme of yellow and orange.' Also, cba to revert it back to its original, undetailed form, this was the first one I made.







This man reminds you of a brilliant inventor. He has slitted eyes the color of fresh peaches. His fine, curly, long hair is the color of charcoal, and is worn in a carefully-crafted, severe style. He is very short and has a slender build. His skin is dark. He has long-fingered hands. His wardrobe is classy, and is mostly red and violet.






Dear heavens. What... Did I do? I think I took the 'brilliant inventor' and made it into 'mutant mad scientist.' Uh.... Well. Moving on...






Addition 5


Today, I decided I was out of practice, so I thought to myself, 'I'll make a planet to get back in practice!'


So I made a planet.



(Too lazy to crop properly, just click it to enlarge)


So, I think this may be the best one yet, and I think I know why:


The clouds.


Y'know why? Because I cheated. I can't make clouds. I still have yet to find a way to make clouds that I actually like. So, these are an actual photograph from a NASA satellite that I messed around with. Still looks good. 95% PDN's still good, right? But don't worry, I made something 100%...



(Again awful crop just enlarge)


So... Generic names, sure, but it was fun. Note it's the same planet. And yes, 100% pdn.

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"Sir, we're surrounded!" "Excellent, we can attack from any direction."

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Thanks a bunch, guys, means a lot to me :P And yeah, Helen, I did, I'm just going to continue throwing more stuff in as I find it on my hard drive(s) and photobucket account, lawl. I'll mark it all with those 'Addition' tag thingies. :P

"Sir, we're surrounded!" "Excellent, we can attack from any direction."

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