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Drydareelin's gallery [27/06/20 update] - 'The Emblem'

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My 100th post! :D


@Barbieq25: Thank you! :) I am glad someone likes the dark-addition to the photo :L

The music isn't generally what I listen to, he's just my friend so I thought I'd lend a hand :D I have a handful of other backgrounds for him I am hoping to upload some day ^^


Also, by the anagram, do you mean my real name - username? ;D

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@Barbieq25: Haha thanks :D


For some reason, aligning to center doesn't work and I ever tried the 

[center] [/center]


code; and it didn't work ._. 


Oh well, the new artwork really isn't anything 'wow' worthy but I thought I might as well post it.



Nevermind, fixed it.

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@Helen: Thank you, again :)

@Nanettealsop: It's....different :P I was very unsure if I should post it tbh, but I gave it a shot. Thank you ^_^

@Barbieq25: I like experimenting (every now and again, anyway..) and I am glad you like it :) No clue at the moment what I am doing to try next.



The picture is STILL not centered. No idea why ¬.¬

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Just popped in to look at your gallery . Your spacescapes are excellent. But what I also liked enormously were the photo manips of planetary sunsets. They would make great wallpapers. I was particularly taken with Naturesedit although I`m not sure if it is just a real photo or if the moon was added - it`s that good!


Great selection Dryda. Well done.



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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Welshblue & Barbieq25: Thank you very much!

nanettealsop: Thank you :D That's a different look on the piece ^^

dug: I am always after something new (although it rarely seems that way). The reconstruction was sort of a "Now I've fixed it, let's edit it". Thank you :D


I've brightened up the planet on here:


due to being suggested multiple times on Deviantart.

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I love the full view but I actually liked the planet the way it was before. It was more a case of "you'll never know what else is around but you have to keep your eyes peeled". If that makes sense? The planet is now another focus whereas before it was a pleasant discovery. 


I guess we are all different. It is still a lovely atmospheric piece. :D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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@Welshblue: Thank you :D You should get on dA more often :) There isn't much of a mixture on the pdn dA group :P

@Barbieq25: There's always 1 ;) Okay, bad joke, but I do agree with you in some ways. For me, the Illuminance thumbnail on my front page links to the original. So you get the best of both worlds :D

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