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Drydareelin's gallery [19/01/23 update] - 'Between the stars'


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in that the planet at the front is too blurred compared to the planet in the middle.

I see what you mean now, I wouldn't say it really throws my eyes off...just looks very weird :P

You're the 2nd person to point out a mistake I did, the first;

Where the star's rays emerge from the top, to the far left they just stopped (where I didn't apply a gradient).

That was fixed...not too sure about this problem though...

Thanks for your comment :)

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I have to count you in as one of my favorite spacescapists. "Awaiting the Eclipse" is incredible. The way everything is seamless is perfect. There seems to be a number 17 in there, but that could just be my eyes playing tricks on me. ;)

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There is and it detracts from the over all image IMO

Plus the main planet seems awfully 'bumpy' ?

Usually I agree with BarbieQ' ...

Okay, thank you for the nice comments but I need to clear a few things; this was a 1-off for a speed art competition where you had to hide '17' in it somewhere (fairly unnoticeable). It isn't any special in my eyes, took 45 mins to be fair...

The comments really surprised me personally.

I have ideas for a more 'original' spacescape. Once I get that done (whenever it will be), I will just leave this as an extra. So basically, this is temporary.

Oh, and I really need to practice on my close-up planets :L The texture was 5000x5000 px, and it still looked blurry once I shrunk it down to size.

Hope this clears a few things up :)

@Helen: Thank you :D you always comment on my stuff, it really does keep me going :)

@Barbieq25: I'll be surprised is I ever make a piece which is Galleria-worthy o.O

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Dryda, sometimes an image stirs something in us & it might not be the most polished work we have ever done. I cannot see the 17 but there is something in the image that spins my wheels nonetheless. :)

Welshy & I not agreeing - now that is new :P


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  • Drydareelin changed the title to Drydareelin's gallery [19/01/23 update] - 'Between the stars'

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