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Drydareelin's gallery [19/01/23 update] - 'Between the stars'


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really good looking picture.the way you show the planets is really awsome.the last picture seems like a warpzone wich is eating a planet(in my mind it has to look like this :) ) often pictures of planets show only the nice site of the space with his colours and lights.but i see in your picture often some kind of dark looking.and if i thing how big the space is,it could be very scary or better mysterious.

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Nature's Edit is a very cool piece - tranquil and yet a sort of a clean and invigorating feel of an early morning (I suppose it could be a sunset, but it feels more like morning to me).

Thanks :) 1 thing I forgot:- The reflection for the birds. I spotted that after I posted it, really bothered me. xD

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  • Drydareelin changed the title to Drydareelin's gallery [19/01/23 update] - 'Between the stars'

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