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Drydareelin's gallery [19/01/23 update] - 'Between the stars'


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Hi Drydareelin,

Nice new one (exhibitA) - love the dark figure looking at the scene - not sure about the rectangular reflections? - but since I couldn't produce a spacescape this good, I'm not in a position to criticize :)

Great scacescapes and landscapes generally!

I don't think you're bumping when you have added something new - how else are we to know there is more to see?


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@Red ocher: Thanks :D The reflections are just the give it more depth, as in it gives the impression there is something behind the figure also.

@Yellowman: Thank ^_^

Random Update: I subtly edited my most recent image a bit. If you can't see the changes, don't worry :P

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Ok I didn't visit here again yesterday because I needed to do college work. 2 hours planning of Physics is not fun.

Anyway, thank you all :D My latest was really was quick, but got more of a reaction than I thought.

I'll say individual thanks also;

@Barbie25: Thank you for all your comments on my stuff :) they really do help

@Helen: Thank you very much ^^ I am contemplating whether to put it on DeviantArt

@Rofroller: Why thank you :) Space seems to be the only think I am semi-confident at currently :P

@Welshblue: I know exactly what you mean; and thank you! :D

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  • 3 weeks later...

@jim100361: Honestly, anything else and I wouldn't mind - but that photo is one of my oldest important family photos and means a lot.

By all means, give it a go, but can you please refrain from posting it? :) you can send it to me if needed.

@KellyJ13: Thank you so much for your kind remarks :)

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A super job on the photo - what a difference :) I wonder if you might have tried a 'pinch' of Adjustments - Levels on it ..... just a tad to lighten it up a bit. Otherwise, very nice. Jeepers ....... that cover work on the music vid is very impressive. WoW =O .


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Fantastic work on the restoration. While it is dark, I like it like that. Kinda in keeping with the age of the photo. What a great job you did!


The work on the cover & the visualisation is just superb. Brilliant in concept & execution & fitting to the music which was also very good. I must say - a wonderful thing to start the day with :D


Love the anagram too-clever :D


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  • Drydareelin changed the title to Drydareelin's gallery [19/01/23 update] - 'Between the stars'

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