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Quick Logo for LED Dance Floor rental


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Very nice logo - hope you charged them lots for it!

Why not post it here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/14494-advanced-critique-read-rules-first/ ?

That's the place for this type of discussion boltbait.wink.png

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My view on this (just my humble opinion):

1. The D should be squared instead rounded...

2. The background halo (blue behind the L, magneta behing the Ddance) give some unbalanced aspect.

3. Are these colors a good choice? I'm missing yellow or green.

4. I would try with a thin white 3d grid under the dance floors words.

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Wow thats pretty amazing, i see the grid technique really works! The glows around the led are pretty epic, the grid under dancefloors isnt working for me though.

That logo is epic, but wen it comes to creating it in a vector format for signs and imprints on metal im not sure it would work. Ill have a look at the spacing of dancefloor and the shape of the D on my logo, iwasnt really happy with the D myself.

@ego - i did it for free, kinda a family company thing, im working on another logo for the main company today : AVH - Audio Visual Hire. I dont have a rushed deadline for this one so i can make it perfect before showing it to them :)

@MadJik - I really like the multitude of colours you used behind the L and the blues behind the D, did you do those manually or is there a Plugin / Effect for that range oif colours?

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I agree with Welshy on the original logo to move "dance" 10 or so pixels. Still on your logo which I like very much esp. the way you have added the UK bit - I tried a 1 pt outline on the white text of LED & then Gaussain Blurred it by 5. It makes the letters stand off the background a bit.

You make a good choice in the font, the colours etc. They should be mighty plased.

Madjik's is very cool too but I'd get rid of the coloured grid on the LED. If anything I'd make them black.

The logo concept is fabulous - black with colour. I hope to see more of these from you.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Thanks everyone, i am currently working on a logo for AVH - Audio Visual Hire, any ideas???

I am going to create the simple led one used for imprints and signs etc tommorow but i still have no ideas for AVH.

Pics pretty big, but it gets resized automatically :-)2e67ipf.png

Here's the AVH one i was talking about, this is pretty good and may be the final one, any ideas welcome / advice aswell :)2wcnww7.png

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