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  1. set the gradient tool to transparency mode rather than yusing a transparent color-- when you select the gradient tool, in the options bar, where you choose the type of gradient, there will be what looks like a color wheel click pon that and you should get the option to change to traqnsparency mode other ways-- http://forums.getpai...ng-image-heavy/ http://forums.getpai...camaro-picture/ those two tutorials will help bunches
  2. make a second layer above the image you want to add the effect to, fill it with whatever color , select the Gradient Tool, set toRadial Gradient, set from Colour Mode to Transparency Mode( this is jsut to the right of where you select the radial gradient.. right click and hold in the center and pull outward
  3. 1) http://forums.getpai...ext-v10-stable/ - text editing plug-in ... needed to modify text after initial creation 2) a) ctrl-d will deselect all selction... changing the SELECTION MODE from "replace" to " subtract": and palying with the tollerance might be what you need.. 3) the LAYERS WINDOW will let you select which layer to work on, as well as to move that layer in relation to other layers, moddify layer properties, add layers etc.. if you cant find the layers window go to Windows/Reset Windows Location... it should then be on lower right of PDN screen 4)Jpg doesnt support transparency.. in other words, you cant do that..PNG will support the outside transparency, will a giff will support an area of "inside transparency" but will have the square outer shape
  4. on black and white clip art i would be going with Adjustments/Black And Alpha
  5. for something simple, a line set to rounded ends and set to a lrge size would work
  6. make the back ground- make two new layers.. on the top layer use render--plygone/stars set to 100 vetices and the size you want. use majic wand to select the insdie of this circle, select the background layer and hit Ctrl-C to copy, the n go to middle layer and hit Ctrl-V to paste it-- delete circle layer and rotate/zoom your second layer to hearts content if you need to define the circle use outline object
  7. just add a lot of spaces-- before or after your text if you just want an arch
  8. to create this on pdn you will need the photos you want and a lot of patience- i would go with an animated gif ad animated pngs still arent univesaly compatable. you wouls need several frames ofthe first full picture, then start filling the next picture in one piece per frame- like a jigsaw puzzle.. once its complete, several frames of it.. then repeat
  9. create a free photobucket account, click the upload photo button, pick the graphic you want to upload, photobucket does the rest, once its uploaded- it will give you the option to descibe it-- hit the save , then it will be placed in your default album, click on the IMG code under it to copy, then paste it to a thread here
  10. ^^^ ignore this,, does not work for this forum.. what you want to do is HOST a picture/graphic on a site such as mediafire or photobucket, then copy/paste the IMG code from that site into your thread.. remember that larger pictures.. beyond 600x800 are generaly forbiden, so use the thumbnail img code(might have to click the "share" link by your pic on the hosting site to find this)
  11. in basic terms.. JPG files are lossy--this means a graphic loses soem of its detail level when you save as a .jpg - was designed to lose any detail its perameters decide that the human eye cannot detect. it did this to save space. of course different eyes see at different levels, so... png format is lossless. when you save as a .png it saves every little microscopic detail.. therefore, unless you have something that requires jpg, or you are short on storage space..use the png
  12. you will need to open the screenshot in a different picture-import will not work set your canvas size, copy the screen shot that is in a different picture- paste screenshot into picture -DO NOT expand canvas ..it will bring it up with the 'move selected pixels' tool already active, you will then be able to move the whole of the SS around until just the portion you want is in the vissible area- you wont be able to change this later as an alternitive --if you make a sellection you dont have to do that whole invert and fill thing, just hit Ctrl-C to copy what is selected- remember you can set a selection byfixed ratio and fixed size not just by the normal means, yuou can also move/modify the selectionusing the 'move selection' tool- white arrow in the tool bar
  13. there are effects that will make a pic look like they were drawn by pencil or by ink, ill give you a link, but i dont think they will fool a teacher into thinking you didthem by hand http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=3474 http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8318-boltbaits-plugin-pack-updated-october-30-2011/ that will give you ink and pastel.. once installed you will find them under effects> artistic
  14. we would have to know the commands before we could list the plugins needed.. chrome is an effect with many ways to get there there are plenty of tutorials for chrome in the tutorials section.. some require plugins u, others dont.. ill give you a few links http://forums.getpai...__fromsearch__1 http://forums.getpai...__fromsearch__1 http://forums.getpai...__fromsearch__1 http://forums.getpai...__fromsearch__1 http://forums.getpai...__fromsearch__1
  15. says the second link is to a page no longer available but just off the top of my head(without knowing what you have tried, or what exactly yoru trying for) i would try duplicating the picture, using emboss/engrave effects on the top layer, set it to overlay and maybe reduce the saturation of the base layer
  16. just a thought but when you say you stripped PDN, did you delete the zip files fro the plugins and redownload them or did you just install them from previous downloads- problem with a corrupt plugin??? also what version of windows are you using(tho i cant think of why it would matter in theis instance) ?
  17. or you could just use grim color reaper on the white-- just saying
  18. suggestion Plantagenet Cherokee- a bit of style but not excessive oh i guess i should mention that this is a font
  19. lol we dont have an automated process for this(not that im aware of anyway) with PDN you will have to remove the tree the old fashion way - eraser or magic wand/delete then repair the section of sky yourself-- clone stamp works well-- plenty of good tuts in the tutorial section, take the time to read/watch a few and soon enough you will be a "pro" please remember before you gripe that photshop has a whole team of payed developers, and we have Rick, great and wonderful tho he is, he is still just one man- and he only gets paid for it when users like you or i decide to hit the DONATE button well we do have those awesome guys who write the plug-ins but they too are unpaid unless users are genorous
  20. hmmm ill try to give a good link AND directions to get it yourself.. go to the plugin section of this forum, open the very top thread called Plugin Index(thank EER for it)open the first set of hiddne links (0-9 & A-e) scroll down till you see a ;link for custom brushmini http://www.isimonbro...?autodownload=1 < this is the actual download link(zip), not the link to the thread, save the download where you cna find it, extract it , and copy/paste//drag/drop it into the effects folder in you paint.net program file
  21. wait.. i think i found the correct video.. two links later- what you want is to be able to use a selection as a brush, or leave a free-form "trail" by draging the selection around....?yes? the plug-in is called Custom brushes mini here is the link http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=14627 once you open this effect you can load premade graphics as a "brush", then scale it and set the speed-(speed is how close a 'trail' it leaves)
  22. that vid cover brush size scaling, custom brush, image scale, color replacment, and grid, so which part are you calling scuffing?
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