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  1. i know i havent.. Barbqs comments are better than mine. all i can think of to say is.......... How?!?
  2. you keep amazing me.. and i think ive figured out just why your work intimadates me.. its not your skill in PDN.. i can learn that.. and i have been improving.. its the way you conceptualize things. i think more than any other artist here, the way you look at things speaks to me.(yeah sounds corny) anyway, once again fine work
  3. i realy should visit youre gallery more often.. dark fluer tok me a bit by surprise.. im used to seeing nice shiney gold piping in your work..but i love that grundgy, half rusted look
  4. well, i saw this over in the sigs thread, but since you put it into advanced critique- i will answer here-- and just a bit of forewarning.. being in this thread means we will point out what we like, but more importantly we will point out where we think it could use some improvement--so if youre thin skinned you might want to shy away from this thread in the future that being said.. its a great first effort, with a nice use of basic tools and effects.. the background is interesting. i would like to know the techniques you used to achieve it two things to point out as i believe could use a bi
  5. in a way the chain is actually shifting back and forth..too few positions with too many similar links. like a lot of animated giffs this tries to fool your brain into seeing a smooth progression, but a change in perspective ruins it-- been thinking on that one-- might have to add in odd links(ones with a flaw or something) to keep your eyes going around with the chain the reason those links are darker is the way i made them using a vertical fade on cond hue/sat and they always ended in a darker spectrum due to where in the pic they are-the chain comes very close to repeating itself every four
  6. I like it. for some reason,- im not real big on abstracts..but this ones cool
  7. i understand what you mean about the tie-straps but that will be something for another project, i refuse to replace 7 layers of 32 frames as for the links, they are all beveled, used the smae method for creating each, but i did rotate them into place before beveling so it doesnt show up as much on some as it does on others, but it was the only way to keep the highlights where they should be
  8. thanks, means a lot to me dropshadow huh? i used a bit to give more depth, but that was omnidirectional. you mean to go with the highlights light being on the upper left so the dropshadow.. hmm anyway, its a learning process
  9. love the effect.. like welsh, i never used the colour aberation before.. imagine this opal combined with barbieqs jewle tut
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