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Plaid fabric texture


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hi this my first tutorial, so hopefully it goes well

also sorry for the bad quality of the photos theyre jpg

1.open a new canvas at whatever size and fill it with whatever color


2.select the rectangle maker tool thing and have the width at 1 and the fill at draw shape outline

3.make abunch of random rectangles like this


4.add noise at the settings:


color saturation=0



5.fragment blur it at the settings:

fragment count=50




6.gaussuan blur at 1 pixel


feel free to change any of the settings i hope you enjoyed this tutorial boltbait.big_smile.png

feel free to comment and give your opinion boltbait.smile.png

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i think you should read the tutorial guidlines...

Why would that be? Let's see...,

Screenshots - check

Title - descriptive

Placement: Tutorial/Textures - correct

Search for like terms: plaid - nothing shows up

Is it unique? Yes it is

Outcome - looks like plaid fabric to me

Does it run foul of guideline #5a? Not in my opinion. This is a little more than just random effects piled on each other.

Does it create exactly the effect described? Yes it does, and I think the final effect, simply achieved, is quite good.

I don't understand your comment . Yes this is a fairly simple tutorial, but that's OK. If you don't like it, let's have some constructive criticism (and leave the moderating to the Mods, 'k?)

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Very time consuming for such a simple result, I believe Curmudgeon suggested something with Noise Motion Blur, and possibly a 'cross-hatch' plugin? Just nitpicking here, the background color of 255,0,0 - 100% Red is very harsh on the eyes! Good tutorial though.

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Nearly identical to one I showed a year ago:

Pretty simple to make:

Create a new square image

Add noise, full intensity and coverage, and no color saturation

Motion blur at 90°, centered, and distance of 40~60 (to your own taste)

Duplicate this layer...on top layer, rotate the layer 90° and set blending mode to Overlay

Merge down, and voilà

You can color it the way you're accustomed to

It yields this:


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Not forgetting "Dead men don't wear plaid". A very funny movie!

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hardyboyz619, I like your tute & it would lend itself to many combinations of colour, as shown by Sarkut's effort. Bravo on your first tute!

Curmudgeon, your effect is more like linen & very nice outcome too. I hadn't seen that tute either. Now I have 2 new tutes for textures to try out.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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sorry i havent posted earlier but "ap comes first" xP ha... anyways thank you for your replies i did not expect to get this much i thought it would be locked but thanks boltbait.smile.png

@putz i thought it was too simple i was very hesitant to post it but i got bored and decided what the heck

@ego eram reputo thank you for not locking it and that movie looks good ill watch it later... maybe lol

@mayor_mcsteeze thanks and glad you liked it

@csm725 thanks you could use the effects or scripts lab to save the effect and sorry about the red i love bright colors and i wasnt thinking

@curmudgeon i was searching for one like that but never found it ill definitly use it thanks boltbait.smile.png

@tag fan your welcome glad you liked it i was actually trying to make a circuit board but instead i got this lol

@sarkut amazing.

@barbieq25 thank you very much im glad you enjoyed it

ha i wrote too much boltbait.tongue.png thank you everyone again this made my year lol

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Ok, here is my take on the tartan tute. This one is partly inspired by The Palace at 4am a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti.


Tartan Stone

Thanks so much for the tute hardyboyz619 boltbait.smile.png

thats awesome reminds me of ancient egypt and the tartan is modern its a great combination i love it and i love your jewel tutorial :)

oh and your welcome lol

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