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  1. heres how i did it select the magic wand tool set it to global and play around with the tolerence i used 31 for this particular photo hit delete then get AA's assistant http://forums.getpai...showtopic=16643 and play around with the settings to your likings hopes this helps
  2. i love the idea especially after a stupid photoshop signature tutorial website almost gave me a virus
  3. your welcome and also you could play around with the shapes and colors and ect. and i hope it gives ppl ideas of using fragment blur and other stuff to make really cool artworks like urs
  4. thats awesome reminds me of ancient egypt and the tartan is modern its a great combination i love it and i love your jewel tutorial oh and your welcome lol
  5. sorry i havent posted earlier but "ap comes first" xP ha... anyways thank you for your replies i did not expect to get this much i thought it would be locked but thanks @putz i thought it was too simple i was very hesitant to post it but i got bored and decided what the heck @ego eram reputo thank you for not locking it and that movie looks good ill watch it later... maybe lol @mayor_mcsteeze thanks and glad you liked it @csm725 thanks you could use the effects or scripts lab to save the effect and sorry about the red i love bright colors and i wasnt thinking @curmudgeon i was searching for one like that but never found it ill definitly use it thanks @tag fan your welcome glad you liked it i was actually trying to make a circuit board but instead i got this lol @sarkut amazing. @barbieq25 thank you very much im glad you enjoyed it ha i wrote too much thank you everyone again this made my year lol
  6. hi this my first tutorial, so hopefully it goes well also sorry for the bad quality of the photos theyre jpg 1.open a new canvas at whatever size and fill it with whatever color 2.select the rectangle maker tool thing and have the width at 1 and the fill at draw shape outline 3.make abunch of random rectangles like this 4.add noise at the settings: intensity=41 color saturation=0 coverage=100 5.fragment blur it at the settings: fragment count=50 distance=100 rotation=0 6.gaussuan blur at 1 pixel feel free to change any of the settings i hope you enjoyed this tutorial feel free to comment and give your opinion
  7. wow this is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than itunes new logo xD
  8. put one picture on one layer and put the other on another layer and use a transparent gradient on the top layer this probably doesnt makes sense but here are some articles that should help http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/GradientTool.html and http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12184-fading-blending-gradient-tool-on-a-camaro-picture/
  9. rip the worlds best drummer jimmy "the rev" sullivan from avenged sevenfold and pinkly smooth stock used:http: //www.clevelandleader.com/files/jimmysullivan.jpg
  10. if you add a new layer above the original picture and set the top layer to overlayer or multiply (depending on ur prefrences) and color it in of use the select tools to select parts and fill them in and ect. hope this helps
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