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  1. Hi I think this mite be what your looking for Here hope it is its lot of messing about to find these things when you dont have them backed up all the best
  2. I happy to have a play around for fun but you would need to sugest some other forum or use my microsoft destop space shareing thingy all though your not allowed to ask peeps here I cant resited helping peeps out its a flaw in my carecter all the best
  3. Hi there not sure if curl page plugin and the animation thingy would work me thinks it would be a lot of work if it did best place I can think of for this kind of thing would be videohelp all one word .com ask advice on the forum im prity sure you will find all the help you need there. all the best 73s
  4. Thnx a very simple and effective method took about two minuets bit more time and care and could be a very cool image
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