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Colour Chop

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Download >>> colourchop3.dll


Moderator Note: DLL supplied by EER 5 April 2023.


This is similar to other colour cutting effects. But it creates a smoother transition from transparent <-> opaque, ie. what it does is it creates half a sine wave curve on the alpha channel according to the tolerance... well, I'd better demonstrate.

Original image


Colour Chop:


Colour Chop with invert:


Source is available on request.

Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
restored missing DLL


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ps. for the record, I refuse to spell Colour without a U.

ahh i get that im american but live in england. Color looks better than Colour and its easier to remeber:D

Is it really nessecary to put text here? Thought not :D


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I'll have a look for the DLL this evening.

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Finally got time to go looking for the DLL...and I found it! Added to the first post.

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