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  1. will never set his status

  2. Hi guys its Paul. This is a game I play on almost every forum so heres the rules. I'll start with something like: Likes pie The next person would then put: ^Yes ---Answer >Apple is my favorite ---Comment on the question vHas a Wii ---New Question See how it works? Okay I'll start Has heard of Epic Duck
  3. Hi guys I was wondering what is the best, easiest and efficient programming language to make plugins with. I am 10 years old and help would be appreciated very much . Paul
  4. ahh i get that im american but live in england. Color looks better than Colour and its easier to remeber:D
  5. Thanks for that, also how easy is it for a 10 year old to learn?
  6. Not only that I find programming a lot easier in Visual Basic (sry i havnt posted in a while)
  7. Okay then Yes this is more of a rectangular prism than a cube
  8. Great tut. Here's Mine it took me about half and hour!