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  1. will never set his status

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Hi guys I was wondering what is the best, easiest and efficient programming language to make plugins with. I am 10 years old and help would be appreciated very much . Paul
  4. ahh i get that im american but live in england. Color looks better than Colour and its easier to remeber:D
  5. Thanks for that, also how easy is it for a 10 year old to learn?
  6. Not only that I find programming a lot easier in Visual Basic (sry i havnt posted in a while)
  7. Okay then Yes this is more of a rectangular prism than a cube
  8. Great tut. Here's Mine it took me about half and hour!
  9. Have a look at this tutorial, as well as part 2 (on making a building) - it helped me a lot. I also did many Google Image Searches for pixel buildings, houses, etc... and copied them into PDN, then zoomed in to take a look at how certain elements were constructed; this helped me with brick and grass textures. Try pasting my house picture into PDN and zoom into 800% -1200% to see the details. Make sure to use many layers, putting each new element on a separate layer, so you can go back and correct mistakes, as well as copy/paste specific elements. I started with simple cubes and pyramids and soon started to build up bigger pictures. Have fun! -CJ Thanks for the link Made this
  10. Srsly, just read the thread. Paul there's no need to be harsh. Frontcannon, though Paul might be a little harsh, he's right when he says that the thread should explain the concept of pixel art. Simply putting it, you draw every single pixel in the image with the pencil tool, with different colors. There are also people that use the rectangle tool at 1px and such, but mainly you should only use the pencil tool. Regards Thanks Actually I've been zooming in but when it saves, its doesn't look pixely.
  11. Okay. I've decided I'm officially going to overload my brain with Visual Basic! Now, what was 2+2 again
  12. No. Sorry for starting this up. I went into Paint.NET and there it was. :?
  13. Oh one more question? How do you make it a DLL?
  14. Part yes. I am but this is Visual Basic I'm running. Is there help for visual basic?
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