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Shape3D (2007-08-24) [Bug Fixed September 2023]


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This plugin has 44k+ views, and probably that many d/l's. Your's is the first mention of a problem. It seems highly unlikely that a system specific variable is not at least part of the problem.

Quite true!

Maybe AnnieKey58 & TheFreak002 should talk about what you 2 have similar about your systems, PM each other.


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Everybody, I'm sorry.

And, Thank you for many Information.

After having changed screen resolution to 800x600, I also tested.

At that time, the OK/Cancel button was not able to be seen.

However, it begins only to have seen it from the screen because the size of the

window was large.

and, I tested for 120dpi.

The result was the same after all.

If the window was resized, the button was able to be seen.

more, I examined it.

And, The problem has been understood.

When a window size was resized before a window was displayed.

(maybe, To screen resolution by the system because the size of the window is too large.

Or, by the system setting.)

A position and size of the Control do not seem to follow the resize of the window then when it fixed a position in an "Anchor" property of the Control.

I stopped using the "Anchor" property, and fixed the position by "Dock" property.

and, in "Load Event" of the Form, I added the next cord.

        private Size displaySize()
           int x = this.Width, y = this.Height;
           foreach (Screen s in Screen.AllScreens)
               x = Math.Min(x, s.WorkingArea.Width);
               y = Math.Min(y, s.WorkingArea.Height);
           x = Math.Max(x, this.MinimumSize.Width);
           y = Math.Max(y, this.MinimumSize.Height);
           return new Size(x, y);

This image is "800x600 120dpi", and the result of the display.


everybody, it troubled you.

Thank you and.

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I tried both suggestion and I still have the same problem.. I asked a reputable programmer/techie and he says it is the pluggin...nothing is wrong with my system...so..with that said...hopefully... a new version will come out so we can use this fabulous pluggin someday..

Thx for the suggestions.. :)

I know MKT is fixing this, but for what it is worth, I was able to repro this problem by changing my display setting to 120dpi...like I originally said.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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Try increasing your screen resolution to 1280x1024 or higher. It appears that Shape3D is scaling its UI correctly for 120 DPI, but Windows will not allow a program to make a window larger than the screen size, which is why the bottom is being chopped off.

I have the exact same problem as annie which is comforting to know someone else has trouble with it :P :

Shape 3d will not shiow the Ok/cancel button


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