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Shape3D (2007-08-24) [Bug Fixed September 2023]


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What is he using for the 3D? DirectX OpenGL??? Managed I'm sure.

MKT is the best to answer this (being the creator and all :D :D ) but i believe that the 3D representation doesn't come from render software like DirectX or OpenGL. I think that it is through a really high-concept algorithm that renders in it self the 3D representation. I believe that renders through a series of gradients and image background manipulation.

Anyway I too think that this is a greaaaaaat plugin :)

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Hello. I am very excited about this plugin, but I cannot seem to download either the ZIP or DLL from MediaFire. When I attempt to download the ZIP, I am redirected to a page that says, "Oops! File not found!" When I attempt to download the DLL, I receive the message, "No servers are currently available ." I assumed that the download page was picking up a lot of traffic, so I continued to try for about an hour without any luck. If someone could email me either the ZIP or DLL, I would very much appreciate it.



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Mr Frojo,

First of all, thanks for your help. For some reason I'm not having any luck--all morning I've been receiving the same messages:






When I try to "Save Link As" with the ZIP file, this happens:


Maybe the server is busy--I'll keep trying. In the meantime, any suggestions would be appreciated (even if it's just to stay patient!), or if it's possible to email me the plugin, that would also be great:


Thanks again.

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Yes it is, but don't yell. Read the rules, and be careful. We don't want to see you banned. Welcome to the forum!


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Amy: But how did it end up in there?
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