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  1. added something its stupid and simple but i thought it was a bit empty
  2. last one is my little brother i told him if he kept on bothering me he would look like that!!! :x
  3. made a background =) but its not finished yet the gray border ain't good yet and the aurathing ain't good yet either
  4. damnit its people like you that make me feel i suck!! and seeing helio's work to bah! :?
  5. I made a background for a profile site but that site makes your backgrounds suuuch a bad quality ....
  6. Maybe this already exists (i don't know) but i din't find it soo if it exists a link would be appreciated
  7. kk now what i would like in PDN is... a tool like Pixelate :Pixelate: BUT that scrambles the pixels it has to do te same but place the squares randomly instead of still beƮng able to see what the picture was this way i (we) could make nice things and blur something better thx
  8. i have a problem :o when moving the nubs with normal line curve tool and pressing enter or anything else to finish my curve the curve goes back to a straight line
  9. well if there would be nubs between every line you draw with polyline it would almost be perfect isay almost because perfect would be to add as many as you want in a normal line:)
  10. I would like to be albe to add more nubs to lines :LineCurveTool: shift+click between 2 nubs to add one in the middle of them or something like that i don't think i need to explain why this would be handy or do i? O.o
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