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Shape3D (2007-08-24) [Bug Fixed September 2023]


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yes thanks i do change it, almost everytime I use the sphere, but wasj just curious why they didn't default x, y, z as well. I thought there might be some reason I don't follow.

also don't forget if you are using this plug in those buttons below the axis are more precise than dialing around the little circles.


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yes, but all 3d objects ever conceived on a math basis use the way i showed, maybe the people making your 3d software are just ignorant to the axes position that you do in math...

Sorry, but no. Different applications* of coordinate systems often use different axes position, as well as reversing positive and negative values, having the origin in a different place, etc. For example, in your math class, you might be using Z as your vertical axis, whereas many 3D modeling programs will use a Y-vertical orientation. Within the 3D graphics world, there are also what are called "right-hand" and "left-hand" coordinate systems. In one, as the depth axis increases, the point moves farther away from you, whereas in the other, increasing the same value in the coordinate moves the point closer to you**. It all depends on the application. My point is, there is no right or wrong way to orient your axes, as long as you do it consistently.

*as in 'use', not 'program'

**or something like that...

EDIT: A brief gander at the Wikipedia article for the Cartesian coordinate system shows that there are many ways to orient the axes.


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Everybody, Thenk you.

About the rotation axis of default.

"Eulerian angle" (Three rotation axes)

There is a pattern of 12.

1. Z-Y-Z

2. Z-X-Z

3. Y-Z-Y

4. Y-X-Y

5. X-Z-X

6. X-Y-X

7. X-Y-Z

8. Y-Z-X

9. Z-X-Y

10. Z-Y-X

11. Y-X-Z

12. X-Z-Y

Y-X-Y was the best for me.

But, Please change to the setting of your favor and use it.

About The coordinate system of this plug-in.


I'm Sorry.

I was misunderstanding it.

It corrects it as soon as possible.

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No, these programs they have posted are actual 3D modeling programs, through which you can add materials (textures) to true 3D meshes.

With Shape 3D, you could always try to align your layer contents beforehand so that Shape 3D transforms the layer with each piece on it's own side how you want it, but I've little idea of how. I've not used that plugin much myself.

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