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  1. Thank you Boltbait...Great Job ! Your hard work is always appreciated
  2. This tutorial is worth a try....love the effects... thanks
  3. Same for me. I stay away from all carbinated beverages now. Usually I drink Green Tea. Thats what I used to drink. I just drink water and orange spice tea now. I know I am dating myself in saying that in the early seventies, friends including myself would mix milk with our coke or pepsi....It may sound grossss for you kiddies, but I think we knew then that coke and pepsi was volatile for the stomach lining....soooo we added milk as the buffer. It tasted great then. I for one prefered Pepsi because Pepsi was sweeter which made the milk taste a whole lot yummier. Food for thought: " the bubbles 'that is the carbonate form of molecules' actually adheres to other molecules in our bodies which help deplete calcium from our bones... therefore, drink sodas with caution. " :wink: Annie
  4. Well here is my new one.. I saved it as my desktop... my friends all want a copy..lol
  5. Hope Everyone is Enjoying December 25 ! Merry Xmas to all ! ....Joyeux Noel ! .. Anniekey
  6. Thought I would share my most fave fractal I produced where I finished it off with paint.net program....Enjoy Here is another Fractal I rendered....It looks like a seed pod..or a coconut...lol Hope you like them. Creating is so soothing to the stressed mind...
  7. I was experimenting with pluggins and the results were stunning... It looks like a transporter for trekkies...teehee I now have it on my desktop stretched and friends tell me its cool but hard on the eyes...lol it matches my windows..
  8. This my creation Titled: waterwaywardhands...using the GenTree... I think this pluggin is awsome...it is slow, but worth the wait while it is generating with different coordinates. I've even added hands to make the pic more eerie...Let me know what you think of this creation. I posted it in Pictorium, but got no feed back... I figured it was posted in the wrong place..lol Enjoy !
  9. I thought I would play around with the 'tree rendering pluggin' ...the result was this with an added touch of hands on...teehee... Enjoy !
  10. Thank you soooo much gang ! Your comments are greatly appreciated ! Annie
  11. Well... this is another creation...not sure what it is ...maybe it is a caterpillar or an alien coming out of the water?...hehehe
  12. Well it appears that I am one of the oldest member... LOL
  13. FIRST NAME : Charlene LOCATION: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada AGE: 49 OCCUPATION: Residential Superintendent EDUCATION: Bio-Chemistry & Creative writing & Mathematics HOBBIES: Drawing, painting, music, writing and learning about new things/people FAVORITE TECH ITEM: Laptop, cell and mp3 FAVORITE SOFTWARE: Paint programs DESPISED SOFTWARE: Malware/spyware and virus FAVORITE GAMES: board games DESPISED GAMES: All RPG games FAVORITE MOVIES: The Godfather 1, 2 and 3. DESPISED MOVIES: Kill Bill 1 and 2 FAVORITE TELEVISION SERIES: the Original Star Trek DESPISED TELEVISION SERIES: All soap operas FAVORITE MUSICS: Pop, Rock, Classical and Blues/Jazz DESPISED MUSICS: Country and Western MOST ENJOYABLE OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: Walking and bicycling FREE VACATION: I would love to explore the wonders of Russia to study the richness of their history especially during the Tzar era. ROLE MODEL/HERO: I do not have a role model nor a hero ....I am the role model and the hero in my lifetime. FAVORITE ARTIST/POET/WRITER: My son... Kane X. Faucher-----> Google him and you will see his accomplishments made in such a short time. He is a Novelist and Theorist and graphic artist. He is also know all over Europe.
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