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I am a simple French user.

I use PaintDotNet to my customer (I am a convenience store(a repairman) in a voluntary association)

And yesterday I used Paint.net more than usually

Non-stop 16-17 hours on one projects that I is not ended yet

I shall like knowing if he(it) shall be possible to throw(launch) the search(research) on the addition again filter by the user.

As for example the texture of Google skecteup7 (and aditif pack)



Because created one wooden objects looking like the other thing(matter) than the brown spot become very complicated in the long run …

beforehand thank you for having read to me



Originale Message


je suis un simple utilisateur français.

j’utilise PaintDotNet chez mes client (je suis dépanneur dans une association bénévole)

Et hier j’ai utilisé Paint.Net plus que d’habitude

16-17 heures non stop sur un projets que je n’est pas encore terminé

J’aimerai savoir s’il serai possible de lancer la recherche sur l’ajout de nouveau filtre par l’utilisateur.

Comme par exemple les texture de Google skecteup7 (et pack aditif)



Car créé un objets en bois ressemblant à autre chose qu’une tache marron deviens très compliqué à la longue …

Voila d’avance merci de m’avoir lu


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se que je souhaite c'est voir les texture de sketchup (avec leur scripte et tous) utilisable dans Paint

Comme l'effet nuage

Avoir l'effet Bois

l'effet brique etc etc

(voir Le lien au dessus)


That I wish it is to see texture of sketchup (with their continuity person and all) useful in Paint

As the effect cloud

Have the effect Wood

The effect scrubs etc. etc.

( See The link above)

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Justement c'est pour cela que je demande si quelqu'un de pas trop stupide pourrai se penché sur les scripte GS7

pars-ce qu'il y a quelque temps il étai impossible d'ouvrir un fichier open office sur word et bien avec la 2007 ont peut à présent

peut être que si quelqu'un cherche dans se sens il trouvera ma solution par-ce que l'effet nuage saoul un peu a la longue


Exactly it is for it that I ask if somebody of too stupid step shall can tilted on continuity person GS7

It leave that some time(weather) ago he(it) girder impossible to open an open file service(office) on word and indeed with 2007 has can at the moment

Can be that if somebody looks in for sense(direction) he(it) will find my solution it by that the effect drunk cloud little has the long

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Dae, I do not speak French, but I think you are asking:

Can you to import Sketchup files (this?)into Paint.Net?

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Dae, I do not speak French, but I think you are asking:

Can you to import Sketchup files (this?)into Paint.Net?

i speak french/english in all post ...

ST7 yes but Actualy i can't import

BUT i ask if this possible to search to do direction ...

i understand that is all user can help for the next update to PaintDotNet

So i need direct this on my suject ...

** Not me said not that it is impossible because some year ago have said impossible to open a file ODT on Microsoft office but today have can of what it is possible that in a near future (I shall like) that it is possible


It is stupid or bad explain?

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Hi there,

I'm French too (and also a modest plugin maker).

As far as I understand, Dae want (need) to have a (file?) plugin able to read/import/use the texture files we could find for GS7.

I've got a look at the links and I can't find any file with only picture, most of them are 3D objects.

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