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yy10: 3

csm: 1

yy10, it is really cool. Nice effects. :)

CSM, I like it, but it is just text with noise.


#winner yy10


Thanks to chrisco97 for the Cloud Sig Tutorial that helped me make my sig!

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Read the rules!

10. Whenever you give someone the winning vote (the third vote), you should tag it, like this:... #winner chrisco97

I'll do it for you.

#winner PaintFox

I enter with my current:


Edited by csm725
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I vote for CT. although it's not a great sig, it's more complex than CSM's considering the background is a screenshot. The border is not adequate (gray would be better), and the opera logo could use some more gradient too.

CT, The flow of your sig is bottom-left to top-right, whereas the render is going from bottom-right to top-left. This isn't particularly bad, but if you just flipped the whole background, it would look better.

CSM: 1

CT: 1

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CSM: 1

CT: 2

Sorry CSM, but I'm a Firefox fan ;) CT's sig is much more interesting, to me, than a bar graph and it has more of a "feel" to it. CT, it could have used some more time, but I think it turned out pretty good.


Until I make a signature...

[url=http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=33782]My gallery[/url]

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