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    Guitar, PDN, Heavy Metal, Armageddon (not the movie), Nuclear Warfare, Nuclear Winter/Fallout, Space, Nature, Eating
  1. First one is much better. I love the flame effect! Did you do that yourself? If so, 9/10 (for the added skill to do that) If not, 7.5/10 (for the design and layout skills) Rate:
  2. I made this using shaped gradient! Any news on where the developer went? This is an awesome plugin! If there were ways to add multiple colors to the shaped gradient, that would be awesome! P.S. Sorry for the bump, but this plugin deserves more attention.
  3. I'm really sorry if this has been suggested before - but a logo competition? Here's my idea: Weekly Logo Competition: Entrants must submit an image that follows the following rules: The image must contain a name (most likely of something that pertains to you, your interests, etc) It must contain a slogan. Something catchy that relates to your name or the purpose of the logo. Eight (8) words or less. It can be any size or any size ratio. Preferably no smaller than 200x200 pixels. The logo can be done in any genre, such as pixel art, space, psychedelic, etc. External programs ARE allowed
  4. *Weylin rises from the grave* I'm listening to a song I made as of recent, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10679993/WIP%27s/AcousticSad7-1-11.mp3 (careful, the link is known to freeze computers for a few seconds, give it a little bit and it will unfreeze and start playing! xD. Maybe I should make a new band logo? Hmm, been months since I've touched PDN, or any graphics, for that matter. http://nyc2img.soundclick.com/62/images/w/band/weylinsslayerorchestra.jpg?version=146 - current band logo.
  5. I do drive carefully, and next time, I'll remember to put it in 4 wheel drive.
  6. Rant: I was in a turnaround thing on the road during my first time driving in heavy rain. I pulled out too quickly and spun out. I did not crash or anything but it scared the hell out of me and probably whoever was staring at me when it happened. I just drove on as normal and it wasn't a big deal haha.
  7. {SarkutGenerate.Autoresponse: {If.Condition(Subforum="Troubleshooting and Bug Reports")=True then {User.Message:"This link shows the most common problems/solutions for installation difficulties: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/692-install-update-or-uninstall-trouble-read-this/"}}
  8. Happiness: Deleted those 30k useless fonts and am now browsing them with a neat app called AMP Font Viewer, and getting only the ones I like.
  9. It was a download package of 65,000 fonts. I'm not going to sit there and sift through each and every font to see what I want. The only reason I was able to stay at 30,000 is because the fonts are split into separate packs.
  10. Well the good news is PDN doesnt take forever to start up anymore. I still have about 35,000 more fonts I could choose to install that are on my computer but I'm going to leave it at 30,000 hahahaha.
  11. Rant: PDN won't open. Well maybe it will, but I've waited 10 minutes, and task manager says it's 'running'. This could be linked to the fact that I just installed about 30,000 (no typo, thirty thousand) fonts to my computer. I had about 5,000 installed and PDN took a minute to open. Edit: Hey! PDN opened! Edit2: Now to see how long it takes to respond after clicking the "Text" Tool Edit3: It responded, now to check and see if any fonts are being dumb and causing errors.
  12. Hmmm..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZKEijrOlHA
  13. @Mike Ryan. Sounds like ambient black metal at the start.. +1 for great music!
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