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  1. I just don't have the time to keep up this gallery here. It's incredibly hard to keep a nice format without making my front page take ages to load. I hope everyone understands.
  2. My gallery here is being discontinued. You can however add/follow me on deviantART to keep updated on my new art: http://warfighter67.deviantart.com/
  3. Wow, almost forgot I posted it here. Thank you guys for all the comments! @Welsh, I kind of want to keep it all blue, I feel it just fits the theme a little better for the logo. Blue is just, you know, that eerie color? I don't know. Haha. This logo was a similar build from my last one with a bit more done to it - a bit of radial blur, some levels/curves adjustments, and a lot of blend modes!
  4. New artist logo design! I changed my name, so yeah. Here's a full size:
  5. :oops: Had some stuff come up, but the voting for the competition is CLOSED! Congrats Welshblue! I'll PM you and you can pick the next theme for the second logo comp.
  6. You can press CTRL+Z to undo the flatten and work from there (If I recall correctly)
  7. Mark your votes! You may also discuss your votes in this topic. Voting ends next Friday, 10:00P.M. Eastern Time!
  8. Hmm, never made a rule that states only one entry per person. This is a slow comp, so that won't be a rule here. there are 3 slots left!
  9. First one is much better. I love the flame effect! Did you do that yourself? If so, 9/10 (for the added skill to do that) If not, 7.5/10 (for the design and layout skills) Rate:
  10. This actually gives a unique effect, makes for good house outlines. Anyways, instead of rendering two sides individually, I would just render the arrow as one color, then use an algorithm to color one-half of the arrow. Would be kind of a redundant plugin though, as you can just make an arrow using PDN's line tool then re-color one half to your liking with relative ease. In my opinion, you should keep the plugin as-is, adding some unique features for a unique plugin!
  11. There's lots of black space around it. I'm sure you can fit a slogan somewhere in there! Entry withheld. I will allow you to edit in a slogan
  12. ----- insert title graphic here ----- Weekly Logo Competition #1 Theme: Yourself Welcome to the LOTW #1! This is a competition where entrants create a logo, including a slogan, that has your name (or user-name). The slogan should be a catchy statement about one of their strengths, achievements, goals, etc. They then submit their logo to this thread. Entrants must submit an image that follows the following rules: The image must contain a name (most likely of something that pertains to you, your interests, etc) It must contain a slogan. Something catchy that relates to your name or the purpose of the logo. Eight (8) words or less. It can be any size or any size ratio. Preferably no smaller than 200x200 pixels. The logo can be done in any genre, such as pixel art, space, psychedelic, etc. External programs ARE allowed, but most of it should be done in PDN, as this is what the contest is about. If you do use an external program, please state what you did in the external program, and preferably why you didn't use PDN for the said task. Optional: If you are in the top three, you may choose to do a tutorial on how you made your image. You may even choose to talk about as little as one effect in the image (e.g. how you got the nice metallic background or something). You must also post links to any stock images you have used. The winner decides the next week's theme. The submissions thread will close after 10 submissions! I have provided an example post: Here is my entry! I did the background, text, and heart in PDN, but I did the beveling on the text in Photoshop. The reason I didn't do a bevel in PDN is because Photoshop's bevel in this case is smoother. Note how the image has a clear name, as well as a slogan.. "There for you... always." The user explains that he did some editing in PS and why he didn't use PDN for it.
  13. I'll challenge AGJM... I made it for someone else, obviously.
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