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CSM: 1

CT: 3

(That's end)

I think CSM's is creative but not much color to it or anything.

May thee enter with sword in hand?

Challenge me, I demand.

(Sorry I'm in a mood for poetry. My current signature enters please.)

Link to my blade:

[picture of shining sword]

Edit: This is the stock I used:


Edited by himself22

"The truth is just an excuse for having a lack of imagination."

Photobucket sucks!
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csm725: 2

R3flect: 0

@r3flect, good creativity but it'll take a little more then that. Polar inversion in the center of a signature has been done so many times that by now it just looks dull. The circles are a bit jagged around the edges. And the colors black or white are generally referred to as the absence of color, so the background could use some work other then the blue gradient(s). The circles, polar inversion, and then the block of text is a good attempt at flow but it just doesn't. With a transparent background its easier to pull that off with style, but the background is a key point in tying it together and there just isn't much of one. I understand your new here so I thought I'd give you the thought process behind the reason csm's signature is preferable. I hope you wont find this insulting, but rather take it as criticism to keep in mind for your next design -the learning process-.

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