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[SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...


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Umm just a notification about a typo... march 29th was 10 days ago. you sure you dont mean april 29th?

Edit: not sure if this was in discussion or not, but I posted here.

I've moved your post from the entry thread here to the discussion thread Weylin. Thank you for pointing out my mistake, just PM or put it in here in the future. :)

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what did l3ron post?:|... nevermind found out, mods you should also remove it from his personal gallery (Click this to go there)

on topic... nice W I D E theme, really fits my type of sig making.. chose to make mine black n white, cause of there were just tooo many colors in the original... and at last nice entry's pipp jerkfight and barbieq:)

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I was inquiring whether that post merited removal or not. Guess BoltBait answered that!

Also, I added a small rules section in the first post of this thread.  Nothing major, I just wanted to explain what this thread was for and what goes in it. Just take a glance at it.

EDIT: Also, I added a new header and theme title for the SOTW. Love it? Hate it?

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