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  1. Thank You--all working well now-- cheers.
  2. Apologies if I am in the wrong place here but I have just recently "re-joined" the paint.net community -(after a very long illness kept me away)- I am using version 4.0.21 on Windows 10 I am however receiving a "error" on many of my plugins--particularly the colours and especially "colour flip/rotate" is there a newer version of that plug-in pack or any ideas on what might be happening here? Much appreciate any input. Thank You " THIS PLUGIN HAS ENCOUNTERED A ERROR AND MUST BE CLOSED" AND "SORRY BUT PAINT.NET HAS ENCOUNTERED AN UNHANDLED EXCEPTION AND MUST CLOSE"
  3. well done everyone..great comp..great entries.. regards j.d.
  4. sorry.. if I'm too late..just pretend you haven't seen this regards j.d.
  5. congrats Possum, Olav, and Heat, all really good entries and a fun theme..thanks to all who voted,, regards j.d.
  6. sorry Zwicky..late as usual..hope you have a good one.. regards j.d.
  7. lovely piece Julio..a really nice tribute..I carry "the pink ribbon" with me always..I do hope your dad recovers soon.. kind regards j.d.
  8. fantastic new pieces P.P. The fractals are amazing..they have great color and flow.. ..but "pyro's medallion"..well it just takes your breath away...awesome!.. regards j.d.
  9. Hey mountnman...just thought I'd share with some "u.s. citizens"..what the rest of the world could clearly see ..."TWICE???"... regards..(citizen-of-the-rest-of-the-world!)..j.d.
  10. Flight or Fight? http://i955.photobucket.com/albums/ae39/jdmelek/my%20PDN%20bucket/pdn%20comps/george.png Hidden Content: regards j.d.
  11. sorry I missed this Julio..mystic light..is really good..the colors and the flow of the image are very easy on the eye. Really nice abstract.. regards j.d.
  12. Fabulous new pieces bbq. Connections is my fav...love the colors and gold, and just the whole thing is great thanks for the panel tut.too..will be trying that out very soon.. regards j.d.
  13. hey guys..just found out..such an honour to take first place in the first comp. of 2011 amoung some very brilliant entries..thanks to all who voted..means a lot..couldn't have made a winning entry without the help of some very talented tut. autors.. thanks goes to Lance for his... "glass secrets finally revealed" tut....---(mask).. thanks to Sargon 111 for his... "make a cool abstract" tut....---(feathers) thanks to Oma for her... "mini shape 3d."tut...---(ribbons) thanks to Bbq.for her... "sparkle for pixey"--- many thanks to you all regards j.d.
  14. congrats to everyone....(some surprises in there..nice ones!).. well done. regards j.d.
  15. fantastic update to your gallery bbq.. always a pleasure to visit..always flawless work and something different every time.. my favourite is water witch..the blue is very striking and the panels give it an unusual perspective.. very nice work indeed..thanks. regards j.d.
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