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Simple Grass Texture


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it.

This tutorial is an adaptation of the Photoshop tutorial Grass Texture. The final image from the original tutorial is shown below.



Required Plugins:

PSFilterPdn by @null54
Alpha Blur by @Tanel
Wind - Photoshop filter


Note: Read first How to install Plugins and Applying effects from Photoshop's Filters menu in paint.net.


1. Define the size of your future image and create New Document (FileNew.png) with the size of the sides 10% larger than you have defined. I used a size of 650 x 500px.


2. Apply the Add Noise (Add-Noise-Effect.png) effect (Effects -> Noise -> Add Noise) with Intensity 100, Color Saturation 0, and Coverage 100. Repeat the effect (Ctrl+Ffour times.



3. Apply the Gaussian Blur (Blur-Effect.png) effect (Effects -> Blurs -> Gaussian Blur) with the default settings.



4. Run the PSFilterPdn effect (Effects -> 8bf Filter). Click on the pointer to the left of Stylize and select the Wind filter. Click the Run Filter button.



In the dialog box that opens, select the From the left direction. Click OK, then click OK in the 8bf Filter window.


5. Rotate (Rotate90CW.png) the image clockwise (Image -> Rotate 90° Clockwise or Ctrl+H). Repeat (Ctrl+F) the Wind effect and rotate (Rotate90CCW.png) the image counterclockwise (Image -> Rotate 90° Сounter-Сlockwise or Ctrl+G).



6. Apply the Wind effect again with the Stagger Method.



7. Rotate (Rotate90CW.png) the image clockwise (Image -> Rotate 90° Clockwise or Ctrl+H). Repeat (Ctrl+F) the Wind effect and rotate (Rotate90CW.png) the image clockwise (Image -> Rotate 90° Clockwise or Ctrl+H) again.



8. Apply the Sharpen (SharpenEffect.png) effect (Effects -> Photo -> Sharpen) with Amount 20. Repeat (Ctrl+F) the effect.



Duplicate (Duplicate-Layer.png) the Background layer.


9. Add a new (Add-New-Layer.png) layer and fill (Paint-Bucket.png) it with the color 1DA51DGo to Layer Properties (Properties.png) and set the blend mode to Multiply and Opacity about 215. Merge (Merge-Layer-Down.png) both layers.



10. Disable the visibility (Layer-Visibility.png) of the top layer Background (Ctrl+,). Add a new (Add-New-Layer.png) layer and move it down (Move-Layer-Down.png). Repeat step 9 with the color D2A555.



11. Go to the top Background layer and turn on its visibility (Ctrl+,). Select the Eraser (Eraser-Tool-Icon.png) Tool with a Hardness of 0% and a Brush Width of 50-70. Clean several areas on the 'green' layer to simulate sun-bleached grass. Apply to the layer the Alpha Blur (Effects -> Blurs -> Alpha Blur) effect with the default settings.



12. Resize (Canvas-Size-Icon.png) the canvas (Image -> Canvas Size) by selecting the Middle Anchor to eliminate the dark stripes on the left and bottom of the image



and we will get the final image.



Note: All settings described in this tutorial are approximate and depend on image size and the desirable end result.


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