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How do i remake this cool picture

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7 hours ago, robloxkid928z said:

And pls make it simple i am new to paint . net ?


This is not going to be simple to recreate.


You'll learn plenty by starting with some blue squares on a transparent background then use @Red ochre's Cuboids plugin with settings similar to this....




Create a background layer and give it a linear gradient from blue to dark blue. The gradient should go from one corner to the opposite corner.


I made the boxes 'pop' by setting the blend mode of the box layer to Color Dodge....



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I love the tute @Ego Eram Reputo & the plugin is going to get a workout :D


These are 3 that have slightly different colours/blend modes & I love them all.






Faceted Tequila Sunrise



Compartmentalise the Facets



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Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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16 hours ago, barbieq25 said:

Faceted Tequila Sunrise


I'll drink to that!

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