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  1. thanke it work but how am i going to make it not white between them there like a line of white betweeen each one
  2. I have a picture of a car that looks like the one below it has a transparent backgroung How do i make it look like its moving i tried using motion blur but that makes it hard to recognize it as a car i got that image of goolge its not the real picture because i dont want to share it but the picture looks like that one because its a grey car and the caamra angle is same on of the side
  3. OMG so many people are helping I learn so much thank you all guys i apreciate!!
  4. why is nobody respond? it been 6 hour plz i need help with it
  5. I want this backgroung of the thumbnail for my youtube video but i dont want those 0's and 1's how to i remove them or how do i remake the picture but without 1 and 0 EDIT: THANKS a lot FOR HELP
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