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A question about blurring/gradients

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I have a question if there is some way to do this with the standard paint.net package (or if there is a package for this)

Ok, my question is if you are re-coloring stuff, how do you mix adjacent colors? I've tried both the gradient tool, and the Gaussian blur, but neither of those are exactly what I want. The gaussian mixs the color, but it blurs the image! I just need to mix the color, but retain its sharpness.

A trick you could do in the paint for windows was put down some color in some key areas, then by resizing your pic, it would 'mix' the colors, and when you restored it to its standard size the colors would be evenly mixed, but not blurred.

I hope this isn't confusing as to what Im trying to get here.

Its kind of like if i had a pic of someone with blond hair, if i could put some brown in spots, then mix it, i could make the hair look darker, yet if i use the Gaussian, the pic is ruined because the 'blurriness' is super obvious.

Or comparably, put black down somewhere, then distribute that blackness around a little, without blurring out the pic. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for the quick response. I'll try to clear this up a little. Let's say i have 5 pixels of color in a row. 2 blue pixels, a white one, and followed by 2 red pixels. I was to 'mix' them so that the one in the middle becomes purple (mixing the attributes of the red and blue) and the two closest one become a blue-red purple , and the other is a reddish-blue purple.

Is this too complicated for a program to handle? It seems really simple, i just cant figure it out. thanks

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What you are trying to achieve, as far as I know, cannot be done with an effect/plugin in PDN. What are you specifically trying to do using this technique? Maybe we could help you find a way to do it without using your color mixing method.

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Paint.NET does that too.

Like you said. 2px Red, 1px White, 2Px Blue. Side by side.

Resize the image by 300% or more then resize down.

Your color is mixed.

For your next example, Hair.

Add new layer, dot/draw in the colors.

Either use low level blurring, or use feather (If you want the pixels to expand, uncheck "true feather", if you want the pixels to shrink check "true feather")


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*Applauds Ash*

Resizing is a very elegant solution :!:

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Have you tried Surface Blur?


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Well, ok, specifically what I am trying to do, is take anime pictures, or sprites, and basically change their colors, yet retain the natural gradients already within the pic. Ie, if there is blue, and i change it to green, i want the dark blue to now correlate to a dark green, the lighter blue, correlate to a light green.

Maybe is it too complex, maybe this is actually really simple, any way, thanks again!

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This plugin and four image tutorial that accompanies it may be what you're looking for (or at least point you in the right direction): viewtopic.php?p=75565

Enorminator specifically mentions that gradients are retained.

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