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  1. Yes..hit Ctrl+C And then Ctrl+Alt+V This will copy the selected parts into a new image..which you can then save.
  2. ah okay. Simply use the magic wand tool to select the sky. The hit CTRL+x and add whatever you want to go behind the clound on a new layer behind the bird.
  3. Yes, I definitely searched. I feel like such a noob lol Thanks!
  4. Does anybody elses feather plugin not work after upgrading to 3.36? I tried searching but didnt find anything.
  5. You get those shades but you turn out to be allergic to the plastic, therefore..yours face burns off. I wish Texas weather wasn't so hot and muggy.
  6. The HTC Titan Edit: Stop editing your post! lol I tried calling verizon, they told me to call the people I called
  7. Oh I intend to Even if its a repeat I'll prolly watch it, I love the show
  8. yeah, I just didn't want to take it back into town (I live 30 miles from the nearest store)
  9. Ah, well thats odd The commercial said it was season premier tonight. and the Directv thing said its not a repeat..and was first aired 8/11/08
  10. It's hard not to get frustrated I guess, especially when you just bought a $500 that quit working
  11. Popcorn with melted Reeces Peanut cups on top and chocolate ice cream, marshmellows, and strawberrys
  12. I'm pretty sure that's in September, actually. The DVD and blu-ray box set of season 1 comes out today, though. Maybe that's what you were thinking of? Nope, its tonight. On Fox..Episode intitled "Gnothi Seauton" (I have directv so i can look)
  13. Rant: Just a new windows mobile phone..after 4 hours of putting on apps and such..it crashes. So i call the "help" hotline..and they do what they always do. ASK STUPID DUMB QUESTIONS. Me: Umm..yeah my phone shut off and wont turn back on Them: well did you put the battery in? Me: uhh..yes..still nothing Them: well has your phone been working? Me: yes it has..but it shut off suddenly Them: We're gonna have to put you thru to tech. ~~~~~~~~~wating~~~~~~~~elevator music~~~~~~~~~ Them: Hello, this is tech Me: Hi, my phone wont turn on Them: well is your batter in place? Me: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _________________________________________ So I hung up..gotta love Verizon eh? :wink:
  14. NYC is amazing. All the lights and such. Really breathtaking. I'm still getting the initial design down..
  15. Does anybody watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? Season 2 premier is tonight
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