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Identifying and installing a Font

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Like a week ago I had to reinstall my Windows 10.Unfortunately I lost my all paint.net settings and I have question for you guys.


Does anyone recognize this font?I'm asking because I want to get it back to my paint.net.


Plus i can say that I have downloaded this font from this site:https://www.dafont.com/





Thanks For Your Help.

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Welcome @pepeh!  :)   If you are having trouble identifying the font, you can use this website:


https://www.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont/     It has helped me a lot when I didn't know the fonts name.  Just follow the directions.



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We're going on a font hunt. :)


There is a big problem with a font search using just that limited sort of an example. Web sites like that ^ or my previous favourite:-




now with an utterly ruined GUI caused by a horrible web site redesign, will have great difficult separating the letters. The poor resolution and not being able to cut out anything easily other than the capital "F" the chances of them identifying the font is slim.


I've tried it, including separating some of the letters (using PDN of course) but as I expected neither of those font ID web sites came up with anything close. 


It does look like a calligraphic font as HyReZ said but the problem with that at Dafont is there are 1700 of those plus other categories it could also be too.


I've just spent an hour scrolling through most of the Dafont > Script fonts (several thousand). I can not say I've diligently searched as it only takes a moments distraction whilst fast scrolling and I could have missed it.  The whole font is very upright for a calligraphical style font and looks 'narrow' too so should have stood out.


I saw nothing even vaguely like the very distinctive styling of the "F" - upright vertical but curved embellishments . I thought Brush and Old School as classes had more similarities than the other categories but I found nothing acceptable let alone a true match.


I feel there is a strong possibility it is not a Dafont hosted font - pepeh seemed uncertain if it was even downloaded from there. Just like the rest of us wanting fonts he's probably used that place more than most. It is a great resource but there are dozens of other font places it could have come from too.     




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Thanks all for help.


4 hours ago, welshblue said:

Aprilea is identical apart from the slight slant.  Did you distort it at all ?  Using Quadrilateral Correction very quickly gets it very similar to your example 





No I did bothing with the text.The Font was same as you see on the imageI sended.

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So it was in Dafont's Script > Various - after going through the 1700 Calligraphy fonts I must admit went through the 2600+ Various fonts there very quickly so I must have missed it when I sneezed  (hay fever :) ) or something like that.


If you look on that page it say the 2 fonts there are demos: Regular and Extruded but after searching around those two are the only ones in the Aprilea family so my guess is that font is Regular and that at some point in the original image's life it was corrected or slightly reformatted, just as welshblue demonstrated.


It is odd that it is not an exact match though. I've tried it myself and it clearly requires more than just horizontal compression and vertical expansion to get a near match. But even then the "F" in particular seems slightly more rotated than the rest and needs specific manipulation to get it as upright as in the example. Short of separating all the letters and adjusting them individually it can not be matched exactly.


But Aprilea must be the font.




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