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  1. Currently into Doja Cat, especially Kiss Me More from the new Planet Her album. But I don't think they'd like me posting links to that on YT here or some (most) of her other songs because of their "R Rated" lyrics. Still she is the business, a genuine talent; think Katie Perry, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj being involved in a freak Star Trek transporter accident and you'll get an idea of what she's like if you don't know already.
  2. That made me think, it would be quite useful if PDN did have that facility for fonts. I'm thinking along the lines of a favourite fonts list. I have probably over 500 fonts due to the the ones I've added to Windows font store over the years, usually for one off purposes and often involving PDN. A smaller favourite fonts list also allowing you to save the same font with different size/type settings might be helpful for specific projects too.
  3. Ah-ha not understanding ardneh's advice was because it wasn't clear that bit about using the keyboard to select the first letter of the font in question. Thanks to Ego Eram Reputo for making that clearer. I've just tried it and it indeed does work. Its a very useful feature I wish I'd known about a long time ago.
  4. I don't understand that ^ advice. It surely assumes you just have a few dozen fonts installed rather than hundreds. If the latter is the case you are doomed to scrolling down through the whole collection to select a Z named font like Zrnic, one I've had cause to use quite a lot. The scrolling is very fast though and I don't believe you're wasting that much time doing it. However it could be a useful feature being able to type the font's name into the box to select it, similar to the way you can adjust the font size manually.
  5. With the portable new PDN version with .NET 5 built in what is the advice if you already have .NET 5 installed? Last week there was an update to another, completely unrelated tool I use, which newly required .NET Runtime 5.0.7 to work so I installed it for that. I assume it is the same thing we're talking about here.
  6. When I saw how much RAM he has and the reasonable GPU too, BTW both equal or better than recommended Photoshop minimums, I assumed, incorrectly, something must be wrong. The 8GB RAM recommendation only became standard in January this year, before that I think it was just 2.5GB. But indeed with just a bit of Googling you can easily find information about how memory greedy Photoshop and just opening large .psd files themselves can be. There are 'experts' recommending fast 16GB DDR4 as minimum and up to 64GB, with, 8GB GPUs, i7 CPUs and SSDs being used too.
  7. So there's no way to stop it using system RAM rather than the graphics card's VRAM? Seems odd that you can have at least minimum OS required RAM and, as JadedTrekkie says: "......a great graphics card...", which nowadays must mean at least 6GB VRAM and could be >16GB VRAM yet is coming up against this graphics display memory issue. I think it might be a good idea to check the whole system's graphics properties (System > Display settings > Advanced Properties >........) just to be certain there is nothing amiss in the memory allocation. I'd also check your system RAM (how much?) too. My own recent experience of a part failed RAM module informed me that if you have enough RAM you can have a still apparently fully functional PC which only starts indicating there is a serious hardware problem when the system is put under stress.
  8. For the check pattern you should look at BoltBait's Grid/Checkerboard or the similar but usefully different MadJik's Grid & Checker Maker plugins.
  9. Do you mean a ramp, for wheel-chair users? From a graphics point of view it shouldn't be difficult to texture a ramp to look like white painted concrete, similar to the walls. But I think what you may also be asking for are design ideas for that particular location. Yes? That's more difficult as the entrance to the cafeteria is on a hill with the narrow pavement/sidewalk and kerb dropping from right to left too.
  10. Yes ^ and BTW you can adjust the font size to almost anything with certain limits just by moving the cursor into the font size box, left clicking so its highlighted in blue, then editing the size to whatever you want. You can also use the mouse wheel to scroll backwards and forwards through the font size pre-sets provided. But why either or both the font type and size is changing, that needs more information. It should not be happening with PDN. The only time I've come across this problem is not with PDN but with Wordpad which has a habit of reverting to the default font given the slightest opportunity. Originally that was Arial 10pt but has been Calibri 11pt from at least Win7 with no way to change the default permanently.🙁 You have to use a work-around, saving a custom empty document template using the font/size, line spacing etc you'd prefer.
  11. That's just about what I said but the explanation of what Copy Selection actually actually means: copying the shape of the area selected rather than the actual image content makes more sense than what I thought it meant. So thanks for that clarification; perhaps if it was renamed Copy Selection Area or Shape or Outline it might be clearer what using that option does.
  12. I don't usually use the Snipping tool but this prompted me to try with a screen grab from here. I've had no problems (Win7) copying it into PDN then Selecting All > Copy and pasting into a Wordpad. As far as the email goes I have to the save the image file (default is the original format - PNG) and then "Insert" or add as an attachment by browsing for the image file. I can not find any way to paste it into an email directly from PDN. I think you'll have to described exactly how you're adding the PDN edited image file to the document/email for clarity. You used Copy Selection. Never used that myself but it seems to provoke that "polygonList....." error if you try to paste it into Wordpad or other documents. I think Copy Selection is used just to copy selections within a single image ie. so you can copy a selected area to multiple positions within that image. Try using Select All then vanilla Copy instead.
  13. This is above my knowledge base on saving formats; I had to look up what an indexed PNG was and I'm still not clear. However what I do know about PDN is that whilst the standard Save As: PNG gives you only colour bit options the Save As: Optimised PNG gives you RGB, Palette and other save type options. Is Palette the same as 'Indexed'? I just don't know but in the absence of more knowledgeable advice you might like to try the Optimized PNG plugin: OptiPNG. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114190-optipng-filetype-2019-05-07/
  14. It would be better if you posted auf Englisch. But from the perceived tone at the start "huere schmutz programm.................." which I believe, colloquially, means "Your s*** program........." I don't think that is the best way of asking for help here, if that is indeed what you were doing.
  15. That is practically what I did too but the fact is the teeth on that example, like my own attempts and even the one I eventually downloaded, are effectively only 2D. The moment you go for a more realistic 3D tooth design with each cutting edge angled differently and therefore, for realism, requiring different highlighting it becomes a long winded chore.
  16. This is a very similar matter to one I had a few years ago now where I wanted to incorporate a circular saw blade into a skin for a games console. The teeth were indeed the problem - you could do them crudely as triangles but creating anything with a more complex design seemed to require each one being done individually. That was mainly due to the lighting effects on the cutting edges which vary with their position in relation to the light source. Doing that 24 to 36 times would have been torture so in the end I wimped out and used a free online image but I've never been 100% happy with it.
  17. OP: does your system meet PDN's current minimum requirements? https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SystemRequirements.html
  18. Pleased I read this thread because TechnoRobbo's Monolithic (3D Text Generator) is just the sort of useful text tool I've been looking for. In the past I've spent a lot of time creating such 3D text effects by other means so I envisage this will save me having to to do a that again in the future. So thanks for the plugin and AndrewDavid for bringing it to my attention.
  19. Just a footnote the problem I had with the initial update: the problem was almost certainly nothing to do with any other program it was most likely an early symptom of a series of problems which developed on that PC in the subsequent weeks. I had BSDs at random, browser tab crashes and SFC reporting multiple problems it couldn't fix. After a lot of research and not a few cul-de-sacs in diagnosing where the trouble was I ran a Windows Memory Diagnostic test almost out of frustration and it reported a hardware issue. Long story but thanks to various IT forum advice I ran Memtest86 from disc. It confirmed, and, with testing, identified the culprit: one bad RAM module. Once removed all the symptoms and error reports disappeared entirely with the PC now running as smoothly, if slightly slower, as it was before. So likely the PDN issue was entirely down to the bad RAM module.
  20. The original photo looks to me a fairly simple monochrome image taken with a, I'd guess, medium telephoto lens at a fairly wide aperture giving a fairly shallow depth of field. If you look the nose, eyelashes (extensions?) and the stalk of the cherry, they're all slightly out of focus as a result of the latter. In portraits the eyes, 99% of the time, must be in sharp focus but other elements can be slightly soft (like the tip of the nose) without it compromising the image. The out of focus softness of the hair at the left and right edges actually frames the photo quite pleasingly and helps focus your attention on the face and eyes. My thoughts are that this is a black and white image either originally or post production that has had the contrast raised and the colour changed using PDN type tools, as others have also suggested. I'd go with it being something simple in the Adjustment menu tool-set: perhaps Hue/Saturation or Color Balance but it could be more complex and done using the Curves tool. I'm suspicious of both the highlights in the eyes and those on the cherry having been digitally added or enhanced in some way. It could even just be a sparkly custom contact lens. Many celebrities who might have to wear glasses in real life wear contacts for photo-shoots etc. Of course even those purely photographic effects mentioned can be done post production using PDN or similar; a bit of graduated blur at the right and left edges and sharpening of the eyes, banging up the contrast or otherwise manipulating the image luminance and/or colour profile.
  21. I understand but as said I can't be sure it was involved directly this time. I may have had PDN open when the earlier blue-screen occurred, which was, I think, was caused by the AV quarantining a program update I was installing. PDN may have been damaged by the resulting forced shutdown but not enough to stop it booting. It was not AVAST, I actually have that (not the latest version) on the other PC that updated PDN without issue. This was good old MSE which I intended to replace ASAP after I first finished the PC and had it up and running. That's never happened mainly because I've had no problems except with the way it handles 'threats'. I do have other real time, compatible security protection too.
  22. I know you'll scold me for using it so I'd prefer not to say. What I will say is that it is quite annoying in the way it handles perceived problems - it automatically stops what is going on and you either have to quarantine or remove the alleged "Severe Threat" there and then. No easy way to add an exception. Why the PDN update caused a problem I don't know because my existing version PDN install launched without any trouble. As said I used the update option from its menu to initiate the update. The AV didn't flag any problem with it during download or install so whether it was involved at all I have no idea.
  23. Odd: I updated from the previous version to the latest one on my primary PC without any problems. However I've just tried the same on this machine which is very similarly set up and after updating (via the PDN menu) I had an 'unhandled exception' when the new version tried to launch. Repeated and the same problem occurred. Rebooted the PC and tried again, same thing. However after I ran the PdnRepair Utility and restarted all is well now. I don't like odd behaviour like this, its never happened before with PDN but I think it might be related to my first ever Windows blue screen on the this particular PC which I had 10 days ago. My anti-virus took fright and quarantined something when I was updating other software and it crashed the OS. I had to use a restore point, again for the first time on this machine, and I've had a few other programs acting up since then. Hope that is all it was.
  24. The PNG Sprite Sheet Matrix plugin has turned out to be pretty much what I wanted. With the advice to use the Layers > Import From File I can do what I intended very easily and create a 'thumbnail' sheet of all the primary ID photos from a large set of archives. Less resource demanding than using the thumbnail folder options and actually more convenient as the ID sheet can be copied anywhere. Only thing I'd suggest is the name of the plugin be changed. It might be technically correct but it does not tell the casual user what it actually does and consequently a useful tool might be overlooked. So thanks for the advice again and thanks to the PNG Sprite Sheet Matrix plugin creator most of all.
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