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  1. Hi. Paint.NET is crashing trying to save dds file (not sure if other files saving is working) Proof video:
  2. Thanks all for help. No I did bothing with the text.The Font was same as you see on the imageI sended.
  3. Hi. Like a week ago I had to reinstall my Windows 10.Unfortunately I lost my all settings and I have question for you guys. Does anyone recognize this font?I'm asking because I want to get it back to my Plus i can say that I have downloaded this font from this site: Link: Thanks For Your Help.
  4. OK but there is an option DXT1 with alpha.I don't need this and I can't unheck this.
  5. Hi. I'm try to do some WorldOfTanks skin.The problem is I need D3D / DDS format.Is there some plugin that I can use for Also need DXT 1 No Alpha No MipMaps Thanks For Your Time.