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  1. Never mid, some of them are safly installed now. Let's try another way. Whatkind of plugins in your opinion are "must have" Please put links down here :)
  2. Unfortunately not all plugins were sucesfully transfered.
  3. Hello. I have just question about plugins. I have many plugins installed but for some reason I'll have to reinstal the program. Just wanna know where plugins are in just to copy them and paste after installing Thanks For Your Help.
  4. Hi. I was trying to change color of the vector from dark to some other is there any one who could explain how to do it? I'll also put a link to give you a better knowledge https://zapodaj.net/b6165e990fca4.png.html Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi. I'm trying to find some plugin but I can't find any.Is there any plugin for paint.net that helps with selecting the work space? some kind of smart selection?
  6. Are you sure it's gonna work? on all says they are like 6+ years old.
  7. Hi. Is there any nice plugins pack? I need for the graphic editing and text editing.
  8. Hi. Is there any toturial showing how to open image layers to delete background,logos and other things? For example:https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e7/Logo_kb.png In this image I wanto remover the black backgruond with stars and the reversed inscription.But when I use magic wind entire image is selected. In the image in the spoiler I could delete the background with the magic wind.The problems is I can not delete the logo in the right corner. (Sorry I was not able to put the link of the image)
  9. Hi. Paint.NET is crashing trying to save dds file (not sure if other files saving is working) Proof video:
  10. Thanks all for help. No I did bothing with the text.The Font was same as you see on the imageI sended.
  11. Hi. Like a week ago I had to reinstall my Windows 10.Unfortunately I lost my all paint.net settings and I have question for you guys. Does anyone recognize this font?I'm asking because I want to get it back to my paint.net. Plus i can say that I have downloaded this font from this site:https://www.dafont.com/ Link:https://zapodaj.net/images/3ff1323431441.png Thanks For Your Help.
  12. OK but there is an option DXT1 with alpha.I don't need this and I can't unheck this.
  13. Hi. I'm try to do some WorldOfTanks skin.The problem is I need D3D / DDS format.Is there some plugin that I can use for paint.net? Also need DXT 1 No Alpha No MipMaps Thanks For Your Time.
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