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  1. I realised that the distances were wrong later. Aligning to the inside angles of a roughly equilateral pentagon clearly does not produce the positioning required. To get the outer icons equidistant from the centre icon and its two neighbours is more complex than I thought. They need a 72 degree radial separation (360 divided by 5) so I had another thought that it could simply be achieved by aligning the centre icon using the plugin mentioned and the outer icons all aligned horizontally centred above the centre icon at the preferred distance in separate layers. My idea was then to place each icon around the centre icon by rotating its layer either 72 or 144 degrees clockwise/anti-clockwise as required, using the Layers rotation tool. Works and was quite easy and quick to do using the tools mentioned but the distances and the centering still are not right so I'll leave it to those here more adept at resolving such geometrical problems.
  2. I think all that should be necessary is to use the Vandermotten's "ObjectAlign.dll" part of:- I do not understand exactly what the OP is trying to do but if he is trying to put the mask icon in the middle then that is where he should start. Centre that using the plugin mentioned then in another layer simply use the Shapes > draw shape outline tool > pentagon to draw a one as an alignment grid. Then just re-position the other icons in their existing layers to touch the edges at each angle of the pentagon. The only problem I can see is that if you use the alignment tool the central icon will not be equidistant from the other icons. It will be centred on the canvas not the pentagon even though the pentagon itself is centred. But once the outer icons are in place it is simple to merge them all into one layer and shift all of them up or down the canvas to suit. This is a quick, very rough, example of what you should have, before shifting either the central icon down or the five outer icons group up. Ignore the background compositional grid (Red Ochre's plugins) I thought it might be useful but in this case it wasn't. However a vertical centre line would have been useful for the top and central icons. Those two are really the only placements where you would actually benefit from the use of the alignment tool. Once all aligned just delete the background layer with pentagon and grid.
  3. Win7 Start > Computer > C:\Program Files\Paint.net or Start > All Programs (alphabetical file listing) > find Paint.net* > right mouse click* > Open File Location*. Win10 Click on Win10 icon bottom left > Open: File Explorer > Open: This PC > Open: the system drive where Windows is currently installed (typically C:\) > Open: Program Files > find Paint.net or Simply > Win10 icon > All apps (all alphabetical listing) > then as for above* I think.
  4. Refer to this guide:- https://boltbait.com/pdn/InstallingEffects.php I'm thinking the very last part of that guide about unblocking DLL files that come from another PC may be relevant here.
  5. I found reference to an "Out of memory" sticky somewhere on this forum but I could not find it. However the replies, including from RB, to other posts on similar matters suggests that indeed is just the problem - you've run out of memory due to the image's file size. I'm wondering what would happen if you simply reduced your monitor's resolution. It may also explain why in the past you could open it with PDN if you were using another monitor with a significantly lower resolution. HyReZ's suggestion would effectively do the same thing as Safe Mode uses 800×600 by default.
  6. You can just drag and drop too ie. open PDN and open another window where your desired image is located, put the cursor on the file, left mouse click and hold. You can then move the cursor over to the PDN window and simply release the left mouse button and it will copy and open the image in PDN. You will actually get a self-explanatory Drag & Drop dialogue box first before it opens. Some people forget about drag and drop and whilst there are some files/programs that do not support it generally graphics programs do. If you have both PDN and the image's location windows open already it is arguably the quickest way of doing it.
  7. ^ I think it very likely it is just that simple and the file is named xxxxxx.jpg or xxxxxx.pdn (is not clear which) and that is not the actual extension. By default Windows hides files real extension. In the first case, which is the most likely, it will default save type .pdn but Windows will display it with a JPG icon and report an error if you try to open it with Windows Picture Viewer. Same with PDN too but you should see an error message box with details which indicate a file type error. Interestingly I've just tested this and what may happen is that the additional .jpg naming will be treated by Windows as the extension and it will also be hidden or missing. Fixing it is simple but only if you change the default Windows View settings to show the actual extension and change it. Otherwise I'm not sure of an easier alternative as the display name may not now include the problematic .jpg naming addition. Sorry to mention it but IrfanView will recognise problems like these if you try to open them; it provides an immediate simple renaming option and will still open it anyway.
  8. I use that too. I've had a few email exchanges with Klocman its creator - friendly, helpful guy and the uninstaller works well so I usually suggest either that or Revo when these sorts of matters are discussed. BTW Happy Christmas and happy new year everyone here.
  9. Sounds to me a if the OP is either using the Windows Store or has downloaded from a dodgy site littered with other install buttons for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and has accidentally installed WinZip or, more likely, some other totally unnecessary unzipping tool or download 'manager' which is now trying to tap him for money. Definitely uninstall (using Revo) whatever it is. I'm with HyReZ on this: use 7Zip or PeaZip, the former by preference; it will unzip almost anything and compress almost anything except to RAR. Like most other similar programs 7Zip will open RARs no problem but WinRAR is the only (legal) software that can archive in the RAR format and as such is really the only archiver tool that you should consider paying for.
  10. In future prevent the need for that tool by using a purpose designed uninstaller like Revo. That uses any program's uninstaller or, as in PDN's case when they do not have a one , the basic Windows add/remove program tool. But then it will search for and remove leftovers ie. registry entries, Program Data and AppData files/folders which are the usual cause of these reinstall problems. It also puts in a restore point before doing anything which means you could always roll it back if you wanted. Doing that yourself ie. manually putting in a restore point before uninstalling a program should be standard practice anyway.
  11. Just minor criticism but I understand a bit where the OP is coming from - I've always found it odd that at the top of every forum page or at least the forum home page there is not a more clearly indicated link to the main Paint.Net web site (https://www.getpaint.net/) I know there is the link in the Forum > Information topics on the forum home page (3rd one down: Official Paint.NET website) but that is not where you'd normally look first as a noob is it? You'd expect there to be a simple Download link in the paint.net header on every forum page. Not just for the main program either but also the plugins index with direct downloads not redirection to forum threads with links to the plugins contained, somewhere, amongst the posts. That would mean anyone doing a search using Google or whatever who was directed to a forum topic (more likely than being directed to the home page) would have a direct link to the PDN downloads and plugins from that page. It is surely a sensible marketing strategy for bringing in more users. A tutorial menu link on every forum page header would also be a good idea too.
  12. Are you sure they're thumbnails and not just large or extra large icons? I assume it is treating the cloud drive, not unexpectedly, as a separate drive and the default display setting for any new drive is to use icons. So could be two things either the simple file view option chosen for that drive or the more general Windows Explorer settings:- To change specific drive file icon settings for the page you're on right click in an empty space and use the "View" context menu options. To change general Windows Explorer settings:- https://windowsreport.com/thumbnail-previews-not-showing/
  13. Did not know about that useful plugin tool ^. Doubt it will resolve the OP's problem but after reading all about it from the links Pixey supplied I installed the plugin files and filter all seem to be working perfectly with PDN. Thanks for the information.
  14. It depends on the sort of corruption/damage the file has suffered. If all the detail is there you should be able to get some improvement but if half the picture is missing - like that caused by a partial copy or move failure I do not think PDN is going to be able to fix that. But in forums like this there are people with wide knowledge of graphics in general who may be able to suggest a solution so it is worth asking about. But without seeing the image or one with similar corruption it would be unlikely anyone here will be able to help. You have to prepare for the possibility that the picture may be unrecoverable. If you get no specific help or suggestions that work I suggest you Google "repair corrupt JPG" as there are free programs and online tools available which may fix the problem. This is just one I found straight away, no endorsement, never used it but is the sort of thing I'm talking about:- https://www.disktuna.com/software-to-repair-corrupt-and-damaged-jpeg-files/