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  1. I was wondering whether VT45 was using the default save as PNG or the more sophisticated "Optimized PNG" plugin.
  2. ...................................or simply increase the contrast. If you use the convert to black and white tool it does not mean that literally. It just removes the colour content to give you a grayscale image. Depending on the subject, contrast and treatment it is a continuous tone picture from pure black to pure white with a range of grey tones inbetween. At least ideally. That's what we did, and I thought still do, call a black and white image. Its certainly what photographers understand it to mean when talking about black and white photography. A pict
  3. The way I would have done a simple black or any other colour border before reading some of these alternative solutions would simply be to open the picture in a layer above a larger transparent canvas and use BoltBait;s Outline Object plugin. Then I'd pixel perfect select the image plus border and use the Image menu Crop to Selection tool. Alternatively I'd have opened the picture on a larger black canvas and selected/cropped that in the same way.
  4. Pity, the PNG Sprite Matrix looked like the sort of thing I wanted but on reading it seems a bit awkward and long winded for what could be 200+ pictures as it appears to need all them to be opened in separate PDN Layers.
  5. I want to make a single grid 'collage' of multiple pics/thumbnails for reference to help me identify key images within multiple picture folders. Obviously this could be done laboriously manually or just altering Windows view settings to show thumbnails on folders but I don't want to do that. So I was just wondering is there a PDN a collage plugin with a grid template(s) where, like some other standalone graphics tools, multiple images can be imported to populate the grid automatically?
  6. There's probably a plugin but there are multiple, longer winded manual ways of doing this if you want distinct stripes. You could create a single stripe (any colour) in multiple layers and simply recolour each layer. Then shift each layer stripe left/right or up/down, depending on whether they're vertical or horizontal stripes, so they're all pixel accurately butt jointed as rectangular block of multi-coloured stripes. If you're thinking to make the whole T-Shirt striped you could then use a T-Shirt shaped template and the Magic Wand tool to cut out a T-Shirt shape from
  7. Just tried installing that BrushSome font and there's no problem on my set up with PDN v4.2.14 (Win7 64bit). It displays in the PDN font list without any warning symbol and can be used just like any other fonts. PDN has issues with particular fonts which whilst installed and working with Windows and other applications don't work with PDN. I forget the reason why but in general those simply don't display in the PDN font list. So why you're getting that warning symbol I have no idea.
  8. The question is: why did you make the image so small (256x128) when you knew you wanted to make it bigger? How much bigger and for what reason: on screen use only or do you want to print it? If the detail is not there in the picture there is a limit to how much it can be made bigger and still maintain good picture quality. Having said that I've just enlarged it from the original 256x128 to 1000x512 and it doesn't look that bad. There are what look like JPG artifacts around some 'cloud' edges, its far from sharp and the sun more dodecahedron than circular. But so much de
  9. AVAST has long become more trouble than its worth. The 'better' protection they claim after each update appears to come at the cost of causing more frequent unforeseen problems with other software. Its usually fixed eventually but in the end you actually become more scared installing new updates than you are of the things it is supposed to protect your system from. There's a happy balance between effective malware protection and intrusiveness; AVAST seem to have forgotten that.
  10. Crashed on PDN v4.1.5 every time I tried to launch it. However after getting used to the latest version on another PC I decided at last to up date to the current version v4.2.14 and no problems with it on that so far.
  11. Exactly ^. If the text was in the same layer, even if over a transparent background the OP should have been able to erase or select and (under Edit) Erase Selection. If that can't be done then the text must surely be in another layer. Having the text in a separate layer or even layers is recommended anyway to make thing like erasing simpler.
  12. The texture shown in your image looks to me like the colour "Fill" option has been changed to "Percent 10" or "Small Confetti" rather than "Solid Colour". If I have understood what you want to do ie. return each area to one colour without texture I think all you have to do is switch the colour "Fill" to Solid colour with 50% Tolerance. Also make sure if you are using Layers that you choose the correct layer for the area you wish to fill.
  13. I'm getting a plugin error message with this on v4.1.5. Tried re-downoading/reinstalling it twice with the same result.
  14. That image is not a good example because all the elements in it have feathered edges. The colour transparency changes so you're never going to get a clean cut edge without adjusting the tolerance a significant amount.
  15. Does not look like its been rotated; maybe I'm misunderstanding but I can not see any difference except the canvas size. What are you actually trying to do? If it is that you want to cut and paste the two halves then you should copy it into a second layer and use the Layers > Flip Horizontal tool. You'd need to expand the canvas size too. If basic rotation is what you were trying to do; with an image like this having a transparent background I'd simply draw a selection box around the subject matter and using the 'Move Selected Pixels'. Position the cursor near one co
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