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  1. IHaveNoName

    Cannot Start Paint.net after Install

    A damaged or more often simply a missing DLL I've found is surprisingly the most common source of problems like this when the error message cites a DLL. It always pays to check that you do actually have the DLL in Windows > System32 and/or SysWOW64. I checked my own Windows installation and the DLL is identified as Microsoft C Runtime Library Application extension. Whilst there are supposedly identical DLLs with that ID in both folders, and all other details for both are exactly the same too, the one in SysWOW64 is slightly smaller than the one in System32 (964KB/970KB). What this means I have no idea. However I Googled the problem and apparently this same issue has been reported from last year onward in relation to a range of programs that now won't work which has been blamed on a Windows .NET Framework update:- This is a typical thread from MS own 'help' pages - no official solution provided as far as I can see but simply replacing the DLL with a fresh download fixed it for some:- https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-update/msvcr120clr0400dll/debbc134-f4b2-4dde-8667-78560e3b0b2b In short it is a Windows issue and nothing to do with PDN. However I would do as Pixey recommended (some .NET Framework stuff is/was optional) and run System File Checker on the OS just to confirm there is nothing wrong it. I'd also have a look at what current version of .Net Framework is installed via Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. You might find you have v4.7.2 installed already and that's why you're getting that typically unhelpful error "Set up failed" error message.
  2. IHaveNoName

    png quality when re-saving

    I've always found optimising the size of a .PNG a very hit or miss affair and it is of great importance to me too because I use PDN to create a lot of personalised icons/thumbnails for certain retro games' console use. There is an upper total size memory limit for such graphical files in one case which if exceeded mean icons won't be displayed and the whole console navigation slows down. Basically the smaller the file size the better, preferably <50KB but I need maximum image quality and JPGs, in some cases, simply are not good enough. The way I've been doing it up until I read this is to save the original PDN created image as a PNG then use another graphics program with PNG optimising tools to decrease the colour depth and then save again as PNG. That way I can often get a >50KB PNG well below 50KB without it visibly affecting the picture quality. Having to use a second graphics tool for this is inconvenient so if that OptiPNG plugin can be used in the same way it will be a real help. Had a problem getting it to work, I think I must have somehow installed the version shown as not working with PDN v4.0>, but I reinstalled what is definitely the most recent version and now have an Optimized PNG save option. Great. Not as comprehensive as the other program's options mentioned but even if it only saves me having to use that 50% of the time it is still worth having.
  3. IHaveNoName

    create aluminum and asphalt textures

    Just tried that ^ asphalt texture technique myself. Looks rather good; thanks for the info, could be useful. BTW if the OP is using PDN v3.5.11 it could be because he's on a WinXP machine and should/can not update as that was the last version compatible with XP.
  4. IHaveNoName

    Need Help Installing paint.net

    As that article BoltBait linked too explains Chkdsk will fix indexing errors it finds and move files out of any bad sectors on the HDD and mark them as not for use. But it still might indicate a possible problem with the HDD as others here suggested earlier. If not done already check what Chkdsk actually did to see if it was just an indexing error or it moved something from a bad sector. To find the Chkdsk logs (Win7):- Open the Control Panel. Open Administrative Tools. Select Event Viewer. In the Event Viewer expand the Windows Logs. Select the Application log. Right Click the Application log and select Find. Type wininit in the box and click Find Next.
  5. IHaveNoName

    Paint.net no longer loads

    It is a pity Trevthom has not been back here since his OP. I'm quite interested to find out more about the problem and if any of the advice given here actually helps fix whatever it is.
  6. IHaveNoName

    Paint.net no longer loads

    The reason I assumed he used the Windows repair tool was because with my installation there is no PDN repair (or uninstall) shortcut in the Windows Start menu. Usually when you install a program it provides shortcuts to such tools in its Start menu folder. PDN appears in my Start menu as standalone launcher shortcut ie. no repair or uninstall options. That is unusual and a few quick searches suggest that has caused problems in the past when users wished to uninstall PDN for whatever reason. However after that useful post ^ I checked and indeed there is a repair tool in the PDN folder but did Trevthom actually use that? It is not obvious it is there. I also looked through the PDN folder and I could not find any uninstaller.exe. If it is there in the C:\Program Files\Paint.net folder it is well hidden. Obvious question: why is there no shortcut to the repair tool in the Start menu and, apparently, no specific uninstall tool and shortcut to that too? Even if he did use the provided PDN repair tool how did he delete the original installation other than by using Windows Add/Remove/Repair Programs? The fact is PDN was installed and working before a problem occurred. He tried repair and when it did not work he deleted the existing PDN installation and tried a new install. However if the uninstall was done only using the Windows tool it will always leave stuff behind that may cause problems with any 'fresh' install. Couldn't that be the reason why he's now getting the error message identified as being from the PDN Set Up Wizard? I absolutely agree with Ego Eram Reputo too; it would be foolish not to follow Rick B's advice before doing anything else.
  7. IHaveNoName

    Paint.net no longer loads

    The OP's first post said that he first received this message when trying to open PDN. This was not a completely new installation of PDN it was a previously working one which, by the sound of it, out of the blue suddenly refused to launch. Something had changed. It could be a system file matter either corruption or incompatibility as suggested but the most typical cause of such problems is not a system fault but an automatic update of the program itself. When it happened he tried the obvious thing: first using Repair, presumably meaning Windows program repair tool, and then uninstalling/reinstalling. There is the possibility that if the whole program wasn't properly ie. fully uninstalled (using Revo or similar) and if it is a PDN problem, rather than a Windows system file issue, that the problem file is still there. Any future attempts to install and launch PDN will have the same result. The information I found online on that 0x8007045A error ID was typically unhelpful but seems to be a general one for any failed "initialization routine". What I would have done is exactly what was suggested: use System File Checker (and Check Disk too) and check that Windows was fully updated particularly .NET Framework ones which are usually optional. If no help then I would have used a restore point prior to the problem. Failing that I'd have to assume that it was a program automatic update fault but, obviously, that would require auto-updating to be enabled. If we assume it was then rolling back PDN to the previous working version would confirm it one way or the other. So I'd suggest doing this by finding an installer (FileHorse, FileHippo) for the earlier version of the PDN Trevthom was using which would likely be v4.1. If that or other earlier versions report the same error then the PDN v4.1.1 update can not be to blame and we're back to square one.
  8. IHaveNoName

    Paint.net no longer loads

    What PDN version are you trying to launch? What Windows version are you using? Is PDN set to automatically update? If it is: it could well be that PDN was updated some time during your previous session and on restart you found this problem. That would suggest the current version of PDN (v4.1.1) may not be compatible with your system. If you check the manual download page for PDN you will see that it has certain system requirements specified. It says it will automatically install Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.7.2 if it is not already on your system. Check that it is - the method for this (might be different for Win10) is to use Control Panel and then click on Programs > Programs & Features That will list all programs installed on your PC: look for Microsoft .NET Framework and it will show the precise version installed. Programs which list all installed software, like Revo Uninstaller, maybe even more convenient to use for the same information. If it is not something like that I've found plenty of threads here reporting similar error messages here from 2017 and as far back as 2014. First suggestion is that it is some GPU update/driver problem. Second, more plausible, is that the PaintDotNet.SystemLayer.Native.x64.dll being used is old or faulty. How this happens? Who knows but, just a wild guess, would be that with automatic updates not all the old PDN installation's components are always replaced with newer versions. Go to your installed 64 bit programs (usually C:\Program Files\Paint.net) and look through the contents for that DLL. It should be alongside a 32bit equivalent x86.dll of the same name. The 64 bit file version info shown if you hover over it should be 4.101.6828.39058. That is what it is on my 64bit system which was updated last week to PDN v4.1.1 and working fine so if the DLL version shown is not the same then it would be a good guess, bearing in mind the earlier threads about this DLL, it is the problem. How to sort it? Unless somebody here can offer a simpler solution: thoroughly uninstall PDN using Revo Uninstaller employing its advanced uninstall scan after its own uninstaller has run and it should get rid of everything PDN related on your PC. Then reinstall the new version of PDN from the approved link here. Hopefully that will fix the trouble.
  9. IHaveNoName

    Effects folder empty.

    The problem with Effects folder might be because he had older plugins which have newer versions included in Boltbait's Plugin Pack. What I found is when I installed selected plugins from the pack rather than the whole thing a few, not all, of the older version plugins already installed went missing from my Effects folder. I did not notice this until several weeks later when I wanted to use one of those plugins and I couldn't find it anywhere in Effects. I re-installed it from the pack and all has been fine since. The one I remember for sure had gone missing after the initial pack install was Old Feather but I'm fairly certain there were a few others. However unless there were only a few plugins in Effects before the OP's problem occurred I don't see how using Boltbait's pack could have deleted them all let alone also failed to install whatever plugins (all?) selected from the pack. There's really nothing too uninstall; as Boltbait says the plugin pack has its own installer, it is a standalone/portable .exe so if you want rid of it just delete it. The fact is it should work and Effects should not be empty however it was used. That suggests a problem with the Paint.net installation itself. What I'd do is first try again as Boltbait advises and if the result is still an empty Effects folder try adding other packs and manually install other plugin .dlls, exiting and restarting PDN and see if they go missing. If they're still there then try Boltbait's pack again and see what happens. If none of this fixes the trouble then I'd use Revo Uninstaller to thoroughly (Advanced) uninstall PDN. It creates a restore point so you can always go back. Then install a fresh copy of PDN from here and make sure your system meets the requirements shown for the latest version. Try installing Boltbait's Plugin pack or selected plugins from it again and all should be good.
  10. IHaveNoName

    Picture size

    I don't think it was a joke although it might be claimed it was now. I'd think the explanation as to why a 10 layer image is not 10x the original image in size 282KB would be quite simple. If you don't understand layers it might not be as obvious as it is to some. If a top layer has any 100% opaque areas the parts of layers below those areas become redundant, ie. they're not needed. So in the flattened image they're not added together they're actually subtracted. It can't be any more opaque than 100% It is easy to demonstrate this; just find a JPG picture, open it with PDN. Open a new image of the same size with a 100% transparent background and create a vignette with the Gradient > Radial tool ie. a 100% transparent circle which graduates to 100% opaque black. Save that alongside the original JPG image file . Now combine the vignette and the image as two layers in PDN, flatten and save that too. Let's say the 800x600 vignette JPG is 80KB and the original image JPG is 220KB. If the image + vignette added together the combined image would be a 300KB JPG. The actual combined JPG size is of course bigger than the vignette but as the vignette graduates, towards 100% opacity, less and less of the layer underneath remains visible. Where it reaches 100% opacity (black) nothing of the underlying image needs to be rendered. The result is a combined JPG file size likely half that of the original image and a third of the sum of the images used in the two layers.
  11. 400x300 is a 1.3:1 ratio 7x5 is 1.4:1 so isn't that at least one problem? The question I'd ask is what is the size/format ratio of the original picture because if that isn't a1.4:1 ratio you're going to lose picture content if you crop or, alternatively, introduce distortion if you resize to a 1.4:1 ratio? I've not sure I've understood the "insanely small" selection box problem but it sounds as if you're trying to use a 7x5 selection box with a full size image displaying in pixels. You need to use 1.4:1 selection box of the appropriate pixel dimensions for the image concerned. In HyReZ's example: 5344x3008 that's a 1.7+:1 ratio so to crop it to 1.4:1 you'd need to use a selection box of 4211x3008 or alternatively 5344x3817 ie. full width but with borders top and bottom as in the screenshot shown. Very much as he suggests rather than mess around with selection box sizes just start a new picture of an appropriate width for the photo with a 1:4:1 ratio and paste the photo in as a new layer. It would seem to be the most obvious solution. If it is too small ie. one of the photo's dimensions is too big then you'll be warned of that when you try to paste it in. With the "Maintain aspect ratio" box ticked just increase the canvas size to accommodate it. You can then adjust the photo to best fit the oversize 1.4:1 canvas or reduce the canvas size but maintaining the ratio if you decide you don't mind losing content. When you want to print it use Resize to give you a 7"x5" print
  12. IHaveNoName

    Need Help Cleaning An Image

    The obviously very rough edges around the skull outline and the lesser problem with the text edges have been improved/cleaned up very effectively. Yes, good job.
  13. IHaveNoName

    centering radial gradient

    Thanks for that. I'd hope somebody knew the answer to this because it is something I'd find very useful too. What I normally do is just choose a square canvas size eg. 800x800 making it easy to position the cursor at the centre (400/400) and then use directional keys to expand the radial gradient. That HSVGradient.dll (HSV Gradients) does seem to do the job (Effects > Render > Gradient... Then select Radial Corner). Only addition I wouldn't mind seeing ironically, bearing in mind the theme of this thread, is actually the ability within the tool to move the centre or the radial gradient horizontally and vertically precisely as for Vandermotten's Gradient tool. The latter also has an interesting four quarters colouring facility which could be useful with a radial gradient too but unfortunately on both counts that tool does not support radial gradients.
  14. Could it be a file/folder path length issue? The path shown in that example is VERY long. I have no idea about Win10/NTFS/PDN character/folder limits but it would be the first thing I'd test even if only to exclude it. Try copying one of the problem BMPs to a new temporary folder in Documents and then seeing if the problem persists when using PDN.
  15. IHaveNoName

    i cant download Paint.net

    It sounds more to me like the problem is with the downloading not the installing. He shouldn't have any problems downloading the actual installer and I'm wondering if that is actually what he is doing. Unless PDN is checking for or trying to install .NET Framework before downloading the PDN installer there should be no issue downloading that. https://www.getpaint.net/download.html The problem is exacerbated because there appears to be no obvious direct link from this forum to that approved getPDN download. Linking to things like plugins is all from within forum threads here too rather than more conveniently offered via a drop down download link menu at the top. The point is that whatever the OP is trying to download might not even be PDN because we don't know where he is downloading it from. I recommend using:- snip (snip - we don't recommend downloading from 3rd party sites) Well they are about as trust worthy an alternative source as you'll find apart from the official one but if it is against the rules here apologies for including the link that should ensure that the OP is getting the download he wants and nothing else some other less reputable third-party download source may have included. If you need an older version because you're using a pre-Win7 OS try FileHippo. For instance I think the last PDN version that supported WinXP was v3.5.1.