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Object of the Fortnight #5 – Wrench/Spanner – Winners


Object of the Fortnight #5 – Wrench/Spanner  

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  • toe_head2001 changed the title to Object of the Fortnight #5 – Wrench/Spanner – Winners

Congratulations to Pixie and Woodsy for their excellent entries. I was particularly impressed by the smooth curvature for the cross-section of Pixie's entry. If it's not spilling any secrets, I'd appreciate a brief summary of the techniques used. In particular, were the reflections and highlights manually drawn, or was some more automatic method used to produce them? Both the winning entries did a very good job of handling that tricky 15° bend in the box end, which gave me fits for the off-angle view. Congratulations, too, to AndrewDavid. (And even though his second entry wasn't really a combo wrench, the reflections on the top of each end are very well done.)

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Congratulations @Woodsy and @AndrewDavid :trophy-bronze:.  Thank you too for the votes everyone <3.


Thank you @MJW

This was one of the hardest and most time-consuming pieces I’ve ever made.  (The other was my Hugh Jackman portrait).

1.        I outlined the spanner of my choice (from the web) in ShapeMaker.

2.     Then I switched between the techniques used for making  Gold and Chrome from these two tutorials by Yellowman:

         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc4MskAbrW0&t=456s            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDbG7-GToZk&t=269s

3.      I also hand-drew (line-curve tool) a lot of the highlights on both ends in white and black.

4.     The ‘dotted’ effect down the barrel was pure fluke (not seen too well in the smaller rendition of the entry).  It appeared when I used some of the colors in Gradient

         Mapping  that @Remake recently posted:



Oops:  My bad ........ Huge thanks to @toe_head2001 for hosting smileys-thanks-602284.gif  


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Forgot to thank Toey (blush)
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5 hours ago, Pixey said:

This was one of the hardest and most time-consuming pieces I’ve ever made . . .


Thanks for the very helpful explanation, Pixey! Also thanks to the links to the YouTube videos. I'll have to watch some more of those.

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