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  1. I question the following code: propRules.Add(new ReadOnlyBoundToBooleanRule(PropertyNames.E2ang, PropertyNames.End2bool, true)); . . . propRules.Add(new ReadOnlyBoundToBooleanRule(PropertyNames.E2ang, PropertyNames.Linesthin, true)); I don't know if it might result in a crash, but I don't believe it does anything useful. I've experimented with that sort of thing, and concluded it uses something like the last checkbox to change to control the enabling of E2ang, not some logical ANDing or ORing of End2bool and Linesthin. There doesn't seem to be any coordination between the read-only control of End2bool and Linesthin.
  2. A similar plugin, yes. But if Distort This is to be maintained, I think it would be better if it did the transformation correctly. It's not as if the intent of the plugin is to perform some other type of transformation. It's explicitly presented as a perspective transformation. On the other hand, perhaps it's going too far to modify someone else's plugin beyond what are essentially bug fixes.
  3. I have a request: true perspective. As I recall, the current version does some sort of bilinear approximation.
  4. See next comment, where I quoted the comment I'm responding to.
  5. I don't recall changing the theme, or having any option to do so. Perhaps that's the Windows 10 default setting.
  6. Thanks. Next time it occurs I'll try disabling Animations and see what happens. (I don't believe the last time it occurred I had any active selections, which is about the only thing I can think of that's animated.) I thought Windows Areo was a Windows 7 thing, back when the window design was a bit elegant, not the current utilitarian squared-off-corner look.
  7. From the lack of response, I seem to be about the only one experiencing this problem, but I'm certainly experiencing it to an annoying degree. It's very bothersome. I have to restart PDN, which causes me to lose all the current plugin settings. It seems to always begin when I run a plugin. One time the cursor returned after a while, but that was the exception. I've waited for many minutes without the cursor reappearing.
  8. It happened again, so I tried disabling hardware acceleration. It had no effect, I don't know, though, if that change takes place immediately or not until PDN is restarted. EDIT: I also tried re-enabling Hardware Acceleration, without any affect, but after I went to add this comment and returned to PDN, the cursor was back. I don't know if it was something I did, or if I just had to wait long enough.
  9. Re-downloading all the plugins sounds like a lot of work. Being lazy, I'd just temporarily move them into another folder.
  10. Application version: paint.net 4.0.13 (Final 4.13.6191.1824) OS Version: 10.0.14393.0 Workstation x64 .NET version: CLR 4.0.30319.42000 x64, FX 4.6 Processor: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz" @ ~3193MHz (4C/4T, DEP, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4_1, SSE4_2, XSAVE) Physical memory: 8108 MB Video card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 (v:8086, d:412, r:6), Microsoft Basic Render Driver (v:1414, d:8C, r:0) Hardware acceleration: True (default: True) UI animations: True UI DPI: 96.00 dpi (1.00x scale) UI theme: Aero/Aero + DWM (Aero.msstyles) Updates: True, 4/5/2017 Locale: pdnr.c: en-US, hklm: en-US, hkcu: en-US, cc: en-US, cuic: en-US Nothing special about my mouse functions or parameters. Defaults except perhaps the motion speed. My mouse is a standard HID-compliant Dell USB mouse with the Microsoft driver.
  11. Lately I've had several occurrences of the PDN cursor disappearing. When I move the mouse outside the PDN window, the cursor is visble, and when it's within the PDN window, everything works normally other than the lack of a visible cursor. I tried a few things, such as changing the Tool (and hence type of cursor), but haven't found any way to make the cursor visible again.
  12. Read BoltBaits's link, but here's a very brief explanation: The alpha value determines how much of the lower layers show through. For a fully opaque layer, if a pixel's alpha is the maximum value of 255, the pixel is opaque. If the pixel's alpha value is 0, the pixel is completely transparent. For alpha values between 0 and 255, the pixel is partially transparent, with the opacity increasing as alpha increases. (Note: the layer itself has an opacity value which changes the transparency of all the pixels in the layer. The layer opacity is combined with each pixel's alpha to determine the transparency. If either is 0, the pixel will be transparent.)
  13. Which plugins are most useful depends on what you want to do. The best plugins for creating images are often not the same as the best plugins for editing photos. I suggest you first look at the section of the forum devoted to plugin packs. The pinned threads are for packs judged to be particularly useful to a wide number of users. Of course, just because a thread isn't pinned doesn't mean the plugins aren't useful. Ed Harvey's effects aren't pinned, and I find many of them to be very useful. As toe_head2001 suggested to you recently, you might want to find tutorials that do the kind of thing you're interested in, and download the plugins used. That's probably how I got most of my plugins.
  14. Thanks for your video, and for your creative use of the View Framer, ingwer! You and Seerose have come up with much more imaginative uses than the rather utilitarian purpose it was developed for.