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  1. @dvlbny I do apologize. I thought you were trying to download TR's version that is still posted. Your post referenced his version and I missed the fact that I posted the link to this page. @toe_head2001 should be interested in hearing the issue about the installer. Have a good day
  2. Easily found in the index
  3. try this Duplicate the layer draw line halfway from top to bottom use magic wand to select white left side switch to bottom layer and press delete look at bottom layer
  4. Hi @KittenKatja I had a look at what you have now and can honestly say you have destroyed it. At this point you need to load the original image and start again. It is still unclear to me as to what you want to accomplish.
  5. Hi @brekelm Welcome to the Forum Script lab; Use this plugin to create scripts and compilations of all of your other Paint.NET effects, adjustments, and plugins. You can save, load, and share your scripts. In layman's terms : If you want to save a sequence of commands to apply to an image this is the tool for you. Just open script lab - select a couple of sample effects, save the script, then see how it works when you load different images. Using it with files that have multiple layers may be be a little more complicated. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi @dirty dan Welcome to the forum Here's my suggestion Take your original photo. Duplicate it three times Bottom layer additive Middle layer additive Run Artistic/Color sketch on top layer Duplicate that layer three times Top - Overlay 2nd - Color dodge 3rd - Difference 4th Normal Here's what you get Move your original image from second last position to 2nd position (Multiply layer) and you get better colorization
  7. @Pixey - Another blond moment?
  8. File: C:\Program Files\\Effects\NormalMapPlus.dll Effect Name: NormalMapPlus.NormalMapPlus Full error message: PaintDotNet.WorkerThreadException: Worker thread threw an exception ---> System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. at NormalMapPlus.NormalMapPlus.OnRender(Rectangle[] renderRects, Int32 startIndex, Int32 length) at PaintDotNet.Effects.Effect`1.Render(EffectConfigToken parameters, RenderArgs dstArgs, RenderArgs srcArgs, Rectangle[] rois, Int32 startIndex, Int32 length) in D:\src\pdn\src\Effects\Effect`1.cs:line 98 at PaintDotNet.Effects.BackgroundEffectRenderer.RenderWithClipMask(Effect effect, EffectConfigToken token, RenderArgs dstArgs, RenderArgs srcArgs, Rectangle[] rois, IRenderer`1 clipMaskRenderer) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Effects\BackgroundEffectRenderer.cs:line 170 at PaintDotNet.Effects.BackgroundEffectRenderer.RendererContext.RenderTile(EffectConfigToken token, Int32 tileIndex) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Effects\BackgroundEffectRenderer.cs:line 150 at PaintDotNet.Effects.BackgroundEffectRenderer.RendererContext.RenderNextTile(EffectConfigToken token) in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Effects\BackgroundEffectRenderer.cs:line 142 at PaintDotNet.Effects.BackgroundEffectRenderer.ThreadFunction() in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Effects\BackgroundEffectRenderer.cs:line 239 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at PaintDotNet.Effects.BackgroundEffectRenderer.DrainExceptions() in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Effects\BackgroundEffectRenderer.cs:line 419 at PaintDotNet.Effects.BackgroundEffectRenderer.Abort() in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Effects\BackgroundEffectRenderer.cs:line 375 at PaintDotNet.Effects.BackgroundEffectRenderer.Start() in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Effects\BackgroundEffectRenderer.cs:line 321 at PaintDotNet.Menus.EffectMenuBase.<>c__DisplayClass42_5.<RunEffectImpl>b__4() in D:\src\pdn\src\PaintDotNet\Menus\EffectMenuBase.cs:line 1021 Same here. Another Simon Brown plugin that fails to function in the new O/S PaintNet environment. @Willy McCoy Also read @Ego Eram Reputo @Rick Brewster Same issue as Olden.
  9. Here's something new I want to share. A tribute to the GIF capabilities of paint-net. Sorry you cant see the AVI I made with music with it. That file turned out to be 100MB
  10. You are very welcome I thought so too Cant take all the credit. It is a real Bldg in Vancouver Sorry for making you hungry.
  11. With the absence of @Simon Brown around to support Olden - I think the issue is it wont work with all the new updates that have been incorporated into our OS's and Paint. I removed it after the first time it crashed.
  12. Even though you think its done - its not.
  13. Another mini tut from the master @Ego Eram Reputo!
  14. Thanks for the practice in trying different methods @Red ochre @MJW and @Eli suggested. Time well spent. But it does take time and patience. Without the original photos I estimated the line @Larry800 was looking for.