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  1. Thank you @Pixey for the link. Here's my run at it. A few more effects added to make it unique Thanks as well to @toxicdj for the tutorial.
  2. Good Call @IRON67 Not to mention reflectional symmetry (line or mirror symmetry). Another suggestion is Toli's MirrorRotate.
  3. Congrats to you as well @Pixey @Woodsy and @MJW @MJW and @Pixey Thanks to both of you. Finally found the leader board due to a tie. Speaking of ties - who gets to select the next object? On to the next one......................
  4. Have you tried the Nic Collection from Google? The Nik Collection comprises of seven desktop plug-ins, which provide a powerful range of photo editing capabilities, ranging from filter applications that improve color correction, to retouching and creative effects, through to image sharpening tools that bring out the hidden details in your images. You can also make adjustments to the color and tonality of your images as well. In the filter " Color Efex Pro 4" there is an opacity slider available when you select a color. Not sure if that is what you are looking for. You will need the PSFilter Plugin and download the Nic Colllection from File Hippo . Let us know what you think.
  5. Hello @Tanima Many problems could be possible. Any administrator will ask you to follow steps 4 to 8 on this link first to try and identify the problem. It could be that you don't have some .net framework installed on your computer. These steps will ensure you have them. Let us know how you make out.
  6. Indeed - I Had WIndows XP and saw no reason to upgrade. I truly believed that if it works - don't change it. The only reason I have WIN10 is because I bought a new computer. That is when you need to upgrade your OS due to the hardware changes. Installing new software (especially OS's) is not always a good thing - as Vista users soon discovered I think. I'm no expert - but this is what I have learned through the 30+ years of the IT industry. Who remembers DOS?
  7. Thanks for the tip @Ishi Thought I would share my findings. Interesting to note the new cloud formations and the removal of shading from some of the buildings. A great start to further enhance the picture and use the textures in other projects.
  8. I skipped that version
  9. Hi @Em3ptLdN1P Perhaps the issue is using print screen. I have found that WIN10 has a new screen capture utility called the snipping tool that seems to replace the print screen function. It pastes very well into Give it a try.
  10. Only a suggestion - The screen shots of installing plugins is a little outdated since the release of WIN10. Made a GIF for alternate viewing.
  11. Agreed @Pixey. The same for me. Since we are talking in this thread - I would like some advice on how to get the "dither" plugins working. EdHarvey has 3 plugin packs. I have them all. I got the egrarious when it was first posted by @ReMake in this thread. I have tried to get the dither plugins to run by switching out the New/Old EdHarveyEffects.dll file - but they do not come up at all within Paint. I do see the Half Tone from EDHarveyEffects 4.0 The Floyd Dithering I see is from BoltBait and the Fast Blur I see is I have yet to ever see the dither plugins. I'm sure I tried just the on its own but still no success. I think they are not Paint 4.0 compatible. Am I missing something?
  12. This tut seems to be a little short on images. My first try with the HighPass Plugin. Brings life to a google pic.
  13. Talk about detail! Excellent work @Woodsy Truly a great piece of artwork you should be proud of.
  14. Thank you @Beta0 Your video showed me something new. I see all I have to do is hold the Ctrl key once an object is selected to create a new copy. One that is not repeatable as shown in your video. I think that clarify's the situation. And it should answer the original post. Maybe he does not have version 4.0.