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  1. Congrats to all a well!. I see @Pixey and I didn't want the pressure of picking the next entry. Too much pressure
  2. Thanks to @Red ochre for showing me how to do this properly.
  3. Thanks @Red ochre. Played around a bit and came up with something a little better than what I had. Not ready for my gallery though. Book Cover from Moonraker
  4. That's for the advanced users. Not there yet! Thanks for the reference though. Haven't played with that aspect yet @toe_head2001. I'll get there.
  5. Oh Wow! Great pic @Red ochre. Hope you add that to your gallery. I tried for a few hours and gave up. The detail I was trying to mimic was the image breaking up into vectors. Does this not show a clear example of the difference between paint (I'm not sure of the term (bitmap?) and vector graphics editing. I know they are totally different. Vector graphics to me is 3D editing to get that effect of the breakup. But still a great piece of art.
  6. See - someone reads your tut @BoltBait. Took me a few tries - but by George I think I got it! I plan to try using Kaxaml to draw my next shape. And correct me if I'm wrong - you can't import the geo code into ShapeMaker. Figured that out all on my own but it did frustrate me for awhile. Thanks for the tut and the examples. I enjoy learning new things.
  7. Truly deserved after all that work you did. Well done
  8. @Ego Eram Reputo Have you noticed the lack of a link to the documentation page from the main Forum Page? I might be blind - but that would mean its difficult to find. Also the download site. Links may result in fewer questions.
  9. Hey there @357mag "Note that the source point moves in the same path as the tool when cloning starts. This results in the tool path being copied as a stripe rather than just the source point." This should answer your question
  10. So - in other words - your original question is answered?
  11. All Microsoft is doing is introducing use of layers to the desktop screen. It will become more evident in Win 11. For now it can be best seen when opening Groove Music in Win10. One of the first apps that have modified their source code to take advantage of this new format; My own rendition
  12. The way I see it - brushes and filters are tools to create the final product - just as plugins and shapes are used to shape or texture the art piece. I consider all of them tools that users have access to in order to create artwork. I didn't write the plugins either. Nor did I create the shapes. Once I edit one of these brushes or textures - does it become mine? They all come in grey scale. All work is done inside Paint.Net is my defense. I knew it was a good question open to many forms of interpretation. Just setting the playing field.
  13. Does using brushes and textures imported with @null54 file type plugins contravene competition rules?
  14. Used only one this time @Woodsy for the sunlight. That's what started it all. The tree tut by @BlastWave gave me the idea of the city. Thanks @BlastWave Going shopping for perfume soon @Pixey. Any preferences? Thanks for visiting @Seerose and the rep points @Beta I got the ticket bought already. The city will be expanding soon.