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  1. Madjic it's nice to see some great new additions to an already stunning gallery! I'm just blown away by some of your old stuff!
  2. Nice job on the photomanip LionsDragon! I agree with Lynxster, she does look dead!
  3. Nice abstracts Madjik! I really like your work! BTW, thank you for all the plugins you've written. I love to use them and they've pulled me out of a jam many times. I'm really surprised you haven't started a gallery of your own.
  4. Barbieq I love the two that you posted yesterday! I'm especially drawn to the one with the flowers! It's a perfect combination of the Cactus flower and the metal. I really like the red Maple leaf too! Too bad you weren't able to enter it in the competition.
  5. Thank you RickHum! I feel the same about your work. A bit more out there but impressive none the less.
  6. LionsDragon I agree with Pixey! You've come along way!
  7. Lynxster I always love your stained glass work!
  8. Love it Pixey! Such a cute little gal. I know where there are a bunch of male squirrels.
  9. Great piece RickHum! I love your perspective work and your texturing is good also. I always enjoy seeing what you've come up with next.
  10. So with the approval of the powers to be lets make it an Independence Day theme. ( my negligence )
  11. It's not animated but....
  12. Happy B-day Rick!
  13. Thank you for extending the deadline Pixie! I know I've been preoccupied but maybe I should have chosen another subject instead of the 4th of July.