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  1. Thank you RickHum! I feel the same about your work. A bit more out there but impressive none the less.
  2. LionsDragon I agree with Pixey! You've come along way!
  3. Lynxster I always love your stained glass work!
  4. Love it Pixey! Such a cute little gal. I know where there are a bunch of male squirrels.
  5. Great piece RickHum! I love your perspective work and your texturing is good also. I always enjoy seeing what you've come up with next.
  6. So with the approval of the powers to be lets make it an Independence Day theme. ( my negligence )
  7. It's not animated but....
  8. Happy B-day Rick!
  9. Thank you for extending the deadline Pixie! I know I've been preoccupied but maybe I should have chosen another subject instead of the 4th of July.
  10. Thanks Pixey and Lloyd! I'm on a roll. Good job Pixey and Seerose on your entries.
  11. Congrats to everyone! Some really good entries this time.
  12. Nice pixelating Seerose!
  13. Thank you Hippiechos! As a matter of fact I was considering putting some gunslingers in it but I'm not good at doing people.