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Angled Gradient


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Angled Gradient draws a gradient in the current selection at the specified angle. It's in the Render submenu.


The plugin: Angled Gradient.zip


The user interface:



The Help Menu description :

Angled Gradient renders a gradient at a selected angle.

The controls are:

Angle: Specifies the angle of the gradient.

Type of Gradient: Selects the method used to interpolate the gradient colors. The choices are:

  • RGB: Interpolate the Red, Green, and Blue color components.

  • HSV: Interpolate Hue, Saturation, and Value.

  • HSV (Long Way): Interpolate Hue, Saturation, and Value, with Hue going the long way around the color wheel.

  • 24-Bit Depth: Interpolate the 24-bit depth values.

Reflect Gradient: Specifies that the gradient should go to the End Color then return to the Start Color.

Midpoint Shift (Nonlinearity): Specifies the degree of nonlinearity. Negative values shift the midrange gradient value toward the starting point, while positive values shift it toward the ending point.

Start Color: Specifies the beginning gradient color. Defaults to the Primary Color.

Start Opacity: Specifies the beginning opacity. Defaults to the Primary Color opacity

End Color: Specifies the ending gradient color. Defaults to the Secondary Color.

End Opacity: Specifies the ending opacity. Defaults to the Secondary Color opacity.


The one sort of weird gradient choice is 24-Bit Depth. It's intended for use with my Height Map plugins, Actually, it's more or less the reason I resurrected an old plugin I began working on and abandoned. I had a need for a ramp-shaped height map.  However, I do think the plugin can be useful for other reasons -- though I realize that other than the depth gradients, Red ochre's Gradients galore can already do most anything this plugin can do, and a lot more. I'm not sure how useful the other non-RGB gradient types will be, but I can't resist adding features.


Here's an example of a height gradient:



This example will in many cases eliminate the need to download the plugin, since it can be used if a linear height gradient is needed with the Texture Merger. The nice thing about linear gradients is they can be scaled with little effect on quality, since the linear gradient is linearly interpolated (and with 24 bits, there's usually plenty of precision). If the gradient is in the clipboard, it can be rotated, and the slope can be changed by adjusting the height scale.


EDIT: Fix typo in UI: replace RBG with RGB.

EDIT 2: Fix typo in Help Menu.

EDIT 3: Add correct website link in plugin.

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