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  1. Great fun. Thanks for making this plugin guys. A quick play
  2. A great win SiBorg. Well done also to the placers. Thanks Drew for hosting
  3. Congrats to doughty. Well done to the runners up and fellow entrants. Thank your for the hosting Drew
  4. Excellent vocal performance from both, stunning arrangement. Perfection.
  5. Thank you for the creation, this looks very good Edit- Works great on gradients.
  6. Thank you. A good idea, sometimes a week seems like only seven days to me Extra time would be ideal.
  7. This plugin deserves a Pin. Great examples from all, thanks for this TR Texture added to the font using Apply Texture plugin.
  8. Excellent tutorial ReMake, this will help a lot
  9. From what I understand, it is a daily pilgrimage to a pond across the road, always cute to watch them
  10. Thank you for this plugin Remake. A change from Cats - have some Ducks
  11. Congratulations Seerose. Well done all others too, a varied selection and a tough vote. Well done to DrewDale for the hosting duties
  12. Excellent plugin Redochre. Thank you. Here is an image with before and after in one
  13. Great photo manip Jim, looks great on a truck too, nice to see your still active on here
  14. Congrats to everyone who took home an award, completely forgot to vote this time.
  15. Congratulations Ishi. A quality entry and a great piece of art too. Well done also to Si Borg BBQ & BoltBait for running up. I thought all the entries were well thought out, another good comp. Thanks DrewDale for your hosting once more
  16. Some stunning works of art here Limon. You have an amazing tallent. Nice work all round
  17. Well done Seerose, a stunning entry and deserved win. Well done also Pixey and Mottoman on your placings. Also all others who took part and voted. Thanks Pixey for the smooth hosting too
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